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Headlines (medium crossword puzzle, 7/21/02)


2. Reports suggests 'hands-off' _____ to grazing question
7. "...Among the many fascinating aspects of the story is the fact that it is utterly _____..."
10. 50 Scientists to Norton: Don't strip _____ protections from America's wolves (PDF)
11. _____ Is Killing Elk Reintroduced in Park
14. _____ Policy For the Birds, Hunter Finds
16. Livestock dying of thirst, _____ (AZ)
17. State boosts deer kill by 10,000: _____ says 25,000 must be shot to control disease
19. Cultural and Historical Roots: The Grasp of the Cowboy on Contemporary _____
23. Watching and waiting for rain (_____)
24. Feds _____ northern Nevada land for preservation
26. _____ of Missouri River changes delayed indefinitely
27. Grand Canyon _____system already a victim of Lake Powell
29. MYTH - It's _____ Ranching or Subdivisions
30. Valles Caldera fire risk _____
34. Battling Interviews: _____ open letter to investigative reporters
35. Groups sue to stop _____tooth grazing
37. _____ says drought could be a lot worse
39. Montana biologists warned us about game farms 10 years _____
40. USDA to release lands for emergency grazing _____ to drought (CO)
41. Western Shoshone _____ land settlement is attempt to revise history
42. Worst Grasshopper Plague in 60 _____ Ravages West
43. Wildlife "Services": Sage Grouse Predator Killing Program in _____ Idaho


1. Earth Day at Bosque _____ Apache National Wildlife Refuge
2. Ranchers must rein in _____ and move cattle
3. _____ blow smoke about our forests
4. Western fires, drought force animals out _____ homes
5. Tribal leaders press for independent _____ to manage Indian money
6. Dueling Reports Reveal Public Support for National Forest Protection... But will _____ Listen?
8. Conservation Groups File Drought Petition in Intermountain Region: Petitions Now Cover _____ States
9. Gloria Flora: Standing _____ For a Sense of Place
11. Alaska, No Longer _____ Frigid, Starts to Crack, Burn and Sag
12. Grazing Impacts on _____ and Endangered Species
13. Forest Service official questions _____ Sierra plan too strict
15. Duwamish? Duwamish _____?
17. _____ adds 216,000 acres to Colo. wilderness bill
18. _____-opening Glen Canyon's floodgates
19. USDA Joins _____ in Project to Protect FL Ranchlands, Restore Wetlands
20. _____ magic bullet for wasting disease
21. Forest Service Missed _____ to Thin Forest Within Rodeo-Chediski Fire
22. Spreading 'Mad Deer' Plague Leaves U.S. _____ Baffled
25. (_____. note: They'll get Mr. Stewart for his honesty!)
28. The _____ economy is gone: Get over it
31. West sees shift in water use Conservation, recreation gain on agricultural interests
32. Grazing Administration Responsibilities on the _____ Fe National Forest
33. Journey down the San Juan River turns into a _____
36. False Hopes and Counterarguments: _____ to Stay Blind to the Critical Plight of Western Ecosystems
37. Court Orders Interior _____. Norton to Move on California Golden Trout ESA Listing
38. MYTH - _____'_ Either Ranching or Subdivisions
40. Today's Editorial: _____ No Harm


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