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Headlines (small crossword puzzle, 7/21/02)


1. _____ Is Killing Elk Reintroduced in Park
6. Biodiversity _____ Welcomes Mike Dombeck April 6, 2002
9. _____ to begin sheep project
10. The ruling, what it _____ and whatís next
11. _____-BLM chief, rancher on same side of West's energy dispute
12. USDA to release lands for emergency grazing _____ to drought (CO)
13. Fish and Wildlife says fish doesn't _____ extra protection
14. Refuse to _____ forest use fees, hopeful urges
16. Today's Editorial: Systemic _____
17. Independent Report Gives New Yukon Parks _____ Failing Grade
18. Exotic species _____ decimating the United Statesí native wildlife
19. _____-seeking 'thumper' trucks could soon pound monument
21. Beavers really are the world's best _____ builders
23. Tuned to the _____ Right of the Dial


1. Congressional fight over drought aid still under way (_____)
2. 5 _____ glories to be treasured (slide show)
3. Grazing Impacts on _____ and Endangered Species
4. _____ Mexico ranchers see forest land grazing closure as threat
5. High tech boosts parts of region's economy, _____ drags down others
7. Drought: Situation _____ reached crisis point
8. House committee agrees to _____ Pentagon from some environmental laws
9. Spreading '_____ Deer' Plague Leaves U.S. Scientists Baffled
15. This Land Is _____ Land
16. Aussie '_____ Lovers Rue Killers
17. Bosworth takes ____ at forest gridlock
20. Forest Service official questions _____ Sierra plan too strict
22. Livestock dying of thirst, too (_____)
23. Grazing Administration Responsibilities on the Santa _____ National Forest


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