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Headlines (medium crossword puzzle, 8/4/02)


1. Petition _____ state to block new Klamath water permits
4. Court Orders Interior _____. Norton to Move on California Golden Trout ESA Listing
6. _____ rainfall year devastates Southern California
7. Panel will study lease buy-_____
9. New Economy ties the West more tightly to national trends, for better _____ for worse
10. (internal letter by David M. Stewart, Director of Rangeland Management, South_____ Region, USDA Forest Service)
12. Groups sue to stop _____tooth grazing
14. Counties get _____ to hay CRP land (MT)
15. Dry _____ in northern Missouri worry cattle producers
16. BLM to take second look at Nevada land _____ being done with landowner's help
17. _____ Department offers soil conservation incentives in Colorado
20. A plague on _____
22. Grand Canyon _____system already a victim of Lake Powell
23. Livestock killed, but no more _____ found
24. Mad Cow _____: Could the Nightmare Happen Here?
26. In the West it's not _____ living with drought
28. Montana biologists warned us about game farms 10 years _____
29. _____ warns of cancer path: from sewage to farms to you
30. It takes time, practice and _____ to manage a ranch by heeding the land
32. Drought's deadly _____
33. Conservation Groups Blast Lubbock, _____ Prairie Dog Poisoning Plan
34. BLM confiscates _____ County cattle
35. USDA to release lands for emergency grazing due to drought (_____)
36. Feds not _____ in sage grouse listing
40. USDA allows CRP haying in Montana, South _____


1. CHP _____ for killing cattle loose in lettuce field
2. UBC warns of cancer path: from _____ to farms to you
3. Drought: Situation _____ reached crisis point
4. New Mexico ranchers _____ forest land grazing closure as threat
5. BLM _____ Elko County cattle
6. Join the NPLGC _____
8. Box's Wyoming sings, but plot in latest _____ leaves something to be desired (book review)
11. Drought-aid bill to be introduced in House, _____
13. The way _____ talk about wildfire shows that we still don't get it
15. Supreme Court says planning can trump property-rights _____
16. Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized _____ of the American West (online excerpts)
18. MYTH - _____ Must Be Grazed to Stay Healthy
19. Wis. farmers bale out _____
21. North Dakota _____ up plans to block deer disease
25. Environmentalists fire back _____ critics
27. Temporary protection _____ in the Siskiyou
28. Elk conservation group sharpens its _____
29. Officials _____ blitz of funding for CWD
30. Drought drains life from _____ industry
31. BLM live_____ grazing allotments scheduled to be assessed. (1999- 2010)
35. Permittees asked to _____ grazing days by 20%
36. The New Mexican Editorial: Feds Should Soften Blow (Ed. note: There _____ a new tone in this editorial by the conservative and ethnicity sensitive New Mexican)
37. Cool ocean a buffer to _____ Nino
38. _____-BLM chief, rancher on same side of West's energy dispute
39. Cattle, Hikers Get Access _____ Valles Caldera (Ed. note: $45 per day for the hikers, 33 cents per day for the cows!)


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