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Headlines (small crossword puzzle, 8/13/02)


1. Suspended Forest Service Worker Sues to Block _____
6. The way _____ talk about wildfire shows that we still don't get it
8. Look for those dollar signs in a wolf's _____
9. Lynx _____ lose endangered species tag
11. (_____. note: BLM caves in again, even after winning in court!)
12. Kelly grazing allotment, NM: submit _____ comments before the deadline of August 19, 2002
15. _____ Policy For the Birds, Hunter Finds
16. High tech boosts parts of _____'_ economy, but drags down others
18. 3 _____ Utah Swell is for all Americans
20. _____-BLM chief, rancher on same side of West's energy dispute
21. Conservationists Oppose Stump's Agua Fria Monument Bill - _____ 4076
22. The New Mexican Editorial: Feds Should Soften _____ (Ed. note: There is a new tone in this editorial by the conservative and ethnicity sensitive New Mexican)
23. Mad Cow _____: Could the Nightmare Happen Here?
24. _____. farmers bale out Colorado
25. (Ed. _____: BLM caves in again, even after winning in court!)


1. Grazing center looks to heal _____ land
2. New monuments met with mixed _____
3. Kelly grazing allotment, NM: submit written comments before the deadline _____ August 19, 2002
4. House panel _____ plan for deer/elk disease
5. Wildlife "Services": Sage Grouse Predator Killing Program in _____ Idaho
7. Cool ocean a buffer to _____ Nino
10. Worst Grasshopper Plague in 60 _____ Ravages West
13. Drought-aid bill to be introduced in House, _____
14. Biologists _____ to restore fox, bald eagle populations on Santa Cruz Island
17. Kelly grazing allotment, _____: submit written comments before the deadline of August 19, 2002
19. Push _____ to Rename Negro Bill Canyon
21. _____ the NPLGC Voluntary Federal Grazing Permit Buyout Proposal Comports with the Sierra Club Federal Public Lands Grazing Policy
22. Pronghorn suit seeks cattle _____
23. Wildest _._. valley is a habitat of hope


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