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Headlines (small crossword puzzle, 9/25/02)


1. (_____. note: BLM caves in again, even after winning in court!)
3. BLM Sends Wranglers To '_____' Mustangs (UT)
6. Agreement To Protect 11,000 Acre Ranch (_____)
7. Cool _____ a buffer to El Nino
8. Drought-aid bill to be introduced in House, _____
10. Look for those dollar signs in a wolf's _____
11. _____-BLM chief, rancher on same side of West's energy dispute
12. _____ Plata County rancher charged in lynx shooting
13. _____ must not cede to greed; we must sustain the river
14. When wolves go bad - according to _____
15. Aussie '_____ Lovers Rue Killers
17. Officials fear tax burden (_____. conservation easements)
18. BLM to take second look at Nevada land deal being done with _____'_ help
21. Conservation Groups Blast Lubbock, _____ Prairie Dog Poisoning Plan


1. Magistrate Says National Forest Grazing Program Ignores Legal Requirements Yet _____ Rules Spotted Owl Not Harmed - Groups Appeal Decision to Judge
2. Can money _____ happiness?
3. Cimarron National ______ closed to grazing (KS)
4. Another way _____ win back land
5. Drought Not Budging, Thanks to _____ Nino
6. Duwamish? Duwamish _____?
9. Rancher Pleads Guilty: Score _____ for DNA evidence
11. _____-tour proposal targets Prairie revival: Ranchers asked to swap cows for bison
13. (Ed note: Whopee! The proposed "_____ case" 9% grazing reduction is less than normal annual fluctuation!)
15. Tribe Sues In Land Management _____
16. Frustrations With Government in _____.
19. _____ magic bullet for wasting disease
20. Kelly grazing allotment, _____: submit written comments before the deadline of August 19, 2002


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