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Headlines (large crossword puzzle, 11/28/02)


1. New Labor Solicitor Intervenes Against Justice _____
7. Western Watersheds Project Sues BLM for _____ to Raze 47 Square Miles of Nevada Forest
10. Emery voters weigh in on San Rafael Swell monument (__)
11. _____ Hopes to Protect 'Less Charismatic' Animals
13. Lynx Biologists Exonerated, Media _____ Excoriated: Investigations Mark Final Chapter in Political Catfight
14. Conservation Groups File Drought Petition in Intermountain Region: Petitions Now Cover _____ States
15. Ravenous roos have farmers hopping _____
18. Texas cow___ saves farm with conservation loophole
20. Supreme Court says planning can trump _____-_____ claims
23. BLM Seizes Indians' Cattle _____
24. Aussie 'Roo Lovers _____ Killers
26. Golden Gate Estates block party to welcome Sawgrass _____
28. Suspended Forest Service Worker Sues to Block _____
31. _____. Reid says 'no chance' for grazing permit buyout proposal
32. Panel seeks conditions _____ land exchange
33. Southern California devastated by low rainfall, less than ___-_____ of normal
35. Environmental laws in crosshairs _____ Republicans: Bush proposals back on agenda
36. Utahns _____ Rustic Jackson Hole
38. We care for _____ public lands more than we know
39. Klamath River levels strand _____ salmon
42. Conservation Groups File Drought Petition in Intermountain Region: Petitions Now _____ Ten States
43. (Ed. note: "hmmm. Riparian areas are two miles wide when they are using _________/________ money to reward ranchers for past overgrazing?
48. Grazing, Land Management _____ in Report
49. Grazing Administration _____ on the Santa Fe National Forest
53. Frustrations With Government in _____.
54. Conservation Groups Blast Lubbock, _____ Prairie Dog Poisoning Plan
55. State lands in _____' sights
57. _____ & dry
58. The way we talk about wildfire shows that we _____ don't get it
60. McInnis _____ VOLUNTARY grazing permit buyout proposal
61. Federal Judge Halts Predator Control Plan in Grand _____
64. Interior Department's _____ lawyer takes aim at environmental laws
66. RangeNet 2002, Or Ma and _____ Kettle in the Big City
68. Western Watersheds Project Sues BLM for Scheme to Raze 47 _____ Miles of Nevada Forest
70. ___suits endanger new sand dunes park
72. CHP officers shoot and kill six cows grazing _____ highway
73. East Meets West _____ SEJ Conference
74. Seven Indians, the most ever, now in Legislature (__)
75. The _____ Service stamps the mythic West
77. (_____. note: "hmmm. Riparian areas are two miles wide when they are using ratepayer/taxpayer money to reward ranchers for past overgrazing?
79. Colorado wildlife officials considering new lynx _____
85. _____ & Water
86. _____ House takes aim at NEPA
87. Magistrate Says National Forest Grazing Program Ignores Legal Requirements _____ Erroneously Rules Spotted Owl Not Harmed - Groups Appeal Decision to Judge


2. Power _____
3. Biologists try to restore fox, bald _____ populations on Santa Cruz Island
4. _____ Plata County rancher charged in lynx shooting
5. Owens to support _____ bill
6. Tropical '___away Greenhouse' Provides Insight to Venus
8. Montana _____ fewer ranches, farms last year
9. _____Innis opposes VOLUNTARY grazing permit buyout proposal
12. Mad Cow _____: Could the Nightmare Happen Here?
13. _____ National Grassland closed to grazing (KS)
15. Report from Wyoming: Cowboy _____ Dooms Economy
16. El _____ Ranch asks for more water
17. Shifting policies, dismal profits _____ small ranches' survival
18. _____ to begin sheep project
19. _._. GRASSLANDS: Panel to study grazing plan
21. _____ blow smoke about our forests
22. Forest Service Tries to Ease _____ Over Cattle Evictions
25. Sierra Club Announces New Round of _____ for 2002
27. Public Lands Forever Wild Act (H.R. 5748): Introduced in House _____ McKinney
29. Grazing Administration Responsibilities on the Santa _____ National Forest
30. The dry season: _____ conservation service has advice
34. Today's Editorial: _____ No Harm
36. Officials won't _____ until park's bighorn numbers are clearer
37. Diehl, District 2 Green Candidate, _____ Used to Being on the 'Outside'
40. PPL finds $57 million for riparian repair: "...up to _____ mile back from the Missouri and Madison rivers..."
41. Worst _____ Plague in 60 Years Ravages West
42. USDA Designates _____ in Wyoming as Disaster Areas
43. Tribe Sues In Land Management _____
44. Report says Klamath panel _____
45. _____-tour proposal targets Prairie revival: Ranchers asked to swap cows for bison
46. Kansas cattle ranchers struggle with low _____
47. Something Is Killing Elk _____ in Park
50. Conservation Groups Petition USFS for Drought Policy in the Rocky Mountains and Great _____
51. Justices ponder how much authority FCC has over auctioned licenses: " could have an impact on the way the federal government grants licenses, from livestock grazing permits to the operation of _____ power plants..."
52. Mormon cricket _____ again
53. Board does not pitch in on lawsuit: Allows for _____ efforts to resolve grazing issue
56. Senate will hear _____ about Indian trust fund
58. Grant County vote stakes claim to forest steward_____
59. Environmentalists blue over _____ win
62. _____land studies major rides into sunset: Oregon State will abolish the program (Ed. note: another sign of a dying industry, western ranching)
63. WWP Prevails _____ Over Land Board
65. BLM Planning to Put _____ Wild Horses on Birth Control
67. Permanent ban is imposed on the import of _____ cervids
69. _____ Meets West at SEJ Conference
71. _____ care for our public lands more than we know
75. Read the Appeals Court's Opinion (___)
76. Elk conservation group sharpens its _____
78. Wild grasses never _____ enough moisture (CO)
79. Officials fear tax burden (_____. conservation easements)
80. Environmental laws _____ crosshairs of Republicans: Bush proposals back on agenda
81. Land swap too hot _____ handle
82. _____, give me land, lots of land: Frank Clifford on the latest chapter in America's range wars
83. When wolves go bad - according to _____
84. _____ habitat's right, pheasants are there: "Compounding the problem ... Conservation Reserve Program lands ... opened to emergency grazing and haying this year."


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