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Headlines (small crossword puzzle, 11/28/02)


1. West sees shift in water use Conservation, _____ gain on agricultural interests
6. _____ Sur Ranch asks for more water
7. Ninth _____ Court of Appeals Confirms Grazing Cutbacks in Owyhee County Idaho
8. New Mexico rancher leaves 135,000- _____ spread to elk group
9. Permanent ban is imposed on the import of _____ cervids
10. Officials fear tax burden (_____. conservation easements)
12. Biologists try to restore fox, bald eagle populations on Santa Cruz _____
15. Texas cow___ saves farm with conservation loophole
17. PPL finds $57 million for riparian repair: "...up to _____ mile back from the Missouri and Madison rivers..."
18. Panel seeks conditions _____ land exchange
20. Low rainfall year _____ Southern California
24. Environmental laws in crosshairs _____ Republicans: Bush proposals back on agenda


1. Federally _____ Indian Tribes Eligible to Get Internet Domain Name Suffix Designating Them as Government Entities
2. ... Force Forest Service to _____ Recreation on Snake River in Wyoming
3. It's dry all over the West, but the suffering isn't _____
4. _____ of endangered species grows by 121 in two years
5. _____ Ask A Bison To Smile...
11. _____-BLM chief, rancher on same side of West's energy dispute
13. Growth called threat to rural land in _____ (Sacramento)
14. Today's Editorial: _____ No Harm
15. East _____ West at SEJ Conference
16. Disillusioned, Beat Down and _____ Longer in Proper Functioning Condition
19. _._. GRASSLANDS: Panel to study grazing plan
21. Norton _____. The Environment
22. Livestock killed, but no more _____ found
23. Sheep _____ tough they fight dogs


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