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Headlines (small crossword puzzle, 2/28/03)


1. Tamarisk: Bill Would Eradicate _____ Eastern Tree That Slurps Enough Water for a Million People
4. Cows killed _____ grizzly bears in the Upper Green River grazing allotments
5. _____ Scratch Your Back...
6. Elk conservation group sharpens its _____
7. Look for those _____ signs in a wolf's eyes
9. More Than Lines on a _____ (RS2477)
11. Sheep killed by grizzly and black bears _____ grazing allotments within the Bridger-Teton National Forest
12. _____: Kane, Garfield County Commissioners Challenge BLM, Grand Canyon Trust
13. (Ed. note: "hmmm. Riparian areas are two _____ wide when they are using ratepayer/taxpayer money to reward ranchers for past overgrazing?
14. _____, give me land, lots of land: Frank Clifford on the latest chapter in America's range wars
15. Grazing Allotment _____ - Region 3, U.S. Forest Service - 1999 & 2000
18. _____ habitat's right, pheasants are there: "Compounding the problem ... Conservation Reserve Program lands ... opened to emergency grazing and haying this year."
19. _____. Stump drafting bill to gut conservation of Agua Fria National Monument
20. Grant County _____ measures to take over forests
21. (Ed. note: apparently business _____ usual in range "research" without any large ungrazed control for comparison)
23. UT: _____, Garfield County Commissioners Challenge BLM, Grand Canyon Trust
24. Today's Editorial: _____ No Harm
25. Surplus hay finds way to _____ Colo.


1. Cattle won't graze Valles Caldera until _____
2. Earth Day at Bosque _____ Apache National Wildlife Refuge
3. Hillside plan goes to voters without _____
4. UT: Kane, Garfield County Commissioners Challenge _____, Grand Canyon Trust
6. CHP _____ for killing cattle loose in lettuce field
8. Today's Editorial: _____ Miracle Debunked
10. _____ seeks CRP land for drought- hit livestock
16. White House takes aim at _____
17. Council grazing policy defended (note: our Aussie friends have their share of grazing myths _____)
22. Ranchers continue early cattle sell-off (__)


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