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Headlines (large crossword puzzle, 3/3/03)


2. Conservation Groups _____ Lubbock, TX Prairie Dog Poisoning Plan
5. Ranchers try to weather hay shortages (__)
6. Environmental laws in crosshairs of _____: Bush proposals back on agenda
12. Wilds plan _____ roads (and grazing)
14. Alberta may put _____ tag on water
15. Chronic wasting disease puts limits on touring reindeer: Santa Claus _____ been grounded
17. Australia _____ tours drought- ravaged Outback and promises aid for ranchers
19. Rancher defies feds: _____ may defy government rules to combat CWD
22. Forest Guardians win land _____
24. Suit seeks _____ cattle ban
26. RangeNet 2002, Or Ma and _____ Kettle in the Big City
27. They get to graze _____-_____ of the reserved land for a one-fourth reduction in CRP payments
31. Forest Service should _____ cows from public land
32. Authority for the Bureau of Land Management to Consider Requests for Retiring Grazing Permits and Leases on Public Lands (_____ memo - PDF)
33. The Fight for _____ Life
35. Today's Editorial: _____ No Harm
36. Battling Interviews: An open letter to _____ reporters
38. Register for RangeNet 2002 Conference, Boise _____, 10/10- 11/02
39. The $3.3 billion cost would be a one-time total cost for a complete buyout if ALL _____ volunteered to retire their permits.
42. Additional Background on HR652 - National Forest Ecosystem Protection _____
43. Federally Recognized Indian Tribes Eligible to Get _____ Domain Name Suffix Designating Them as Government Entities
44. Groups _____ six Western states sue Forest Service over grazing fees
45. Special Institute on Public Land Law, Regulation, _____ Management - Hyatt Regency Tamaya - May 15-16, 2003 - Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico (PDF)
46. Wildlife Biology and _____ History: Time for a Reunion (PDF)
47. _____-_____ US farmers seek more federal aid
49. Calif. study confirms "sudden death" hits _____woods
50. Wolf shot near Weston? (_____)
51. Elk conservation group sharpens its _____
52. Mad Cow _____: Could the Nightmare Happen Here?
53. _____ Leaders Continue to Push for More Drought Aid
56. Steens Mountain: Wilderness, But Not ___-Free
58. _____ WOULD NOT be an "annual" cost!
59. 10 things you should know about Utah history: "...1. _____ Wayne didn't live here..."
61. Grant Will Compensate Landowners Who Reduce _____ Eliminate Cattle Grazing
62. _____ Plata County rancher charged in lynx shooting
63. Archaeological Treasures Ruined in Los Padres National Forest: "..._____ cattle to trample major archaeological deposits and damage ancient rock paintings..."
65. _____'_ Sells Seized Cattle From Tribe
67. The Proposed National Forest Ecosystem Protection Act (_____) Now Online
68. Report on Rodeo-_____ Wildfires in Arizona - (low res. version) 360 kb (PDF)
70. Temporary protection _____ in the Siskiyou
72. USDA Joins Conservancy in Project to Protect _____ Ranchlands, Restore Wetlands
73. It WOULD _____ be an "annual" cost!
75. Council grazing policy defended (note: _____ Aussie friends have their share of grazing myths too)
76. UNR scientist joins _____ study
79. _____, give me land, lots of land: Frank Clifford on the latest chapter in America's range wars
81. Special Institute on Public Land Law, Regulation, and Management - Hyatt Regency Tamaya - May 15-16, 2003 - Santa _____ Pueblo, New Mexico (PDF)
82. _____ care for our public lands more than we know
84. The $3.3 billion cost would be a one-time total cost for a complete buyout _____ ALL permitees volunteered to retire their permits.
85. 10 things you should _____ about Utah history: "...1. John Wayne didn't live here..."
86. Magistrate Says National Forest Grazing Program Ignores Legal Requirements _____ Erroneously Rules Spotted Owl Not Harmed - Groups Appeal Decision to Judge
87. Few Grizzlies Left on Land Traveled by _____ and Clark


1. Wildlife Watching Larger _____ Sector than Public Lands Grazing in the West
2. Environmentalists target _____ administration (re: FOIA)
3. will remain closed for _____ least 10 months ...exceptions are for ranchers with grazing permits and..
4. _____ Flip-Flops About Plans to Exterminate Lubbock Prairie Dogs
6. Wildlands Project writ large (__: HR652)
7. _____ finds $57 million for riparian repair: "...up to one mile back from the Missouri and Madison rivers..."
8. The Aplomado Falcon: _____ of the Chihuahuan Desert
9. 'Last great bear' _____ lumbering into Utah lore
10. Ed. note: Most of these claims _____ to be for livestock grazing on PUBLIC LANDS
11. Sheep _____ tough they fight dogs
12. Rancher given OK to shoot _____ wolves
13. Suit Filed to Halt Prairie Dog _____
16. Environmentalists see new governor as plus (__)
18. _____ Hopes and Counterarguments: Ways to Stay Blind to the Critical Plight of Western Ecosystems
19. U.S. Ignored _____ in Land Deal With Utah
20. Livestock killed, but no more _____ found
21. Conservation vote groups _____
23. Montana biologists warned us about game farms 10 years _____
25. Now where did I put that draft RMP/EIS that I was _____? ...")
28. (Ed. note: "hmmm. Riparian areas are two miles wide when they are using _________/________ money to reward ranchers for past overgrazing?
29. Montana Wilderness Group _____ Over Fish Plan
30. Conservation Groups Blast Lubbock, _____ Prairie Dog Poisoning Plan
34. _____, Beat Down and No Longer in Proper Functioning Condition
35. Study predicts global warming's _____ effect on water in West
37. 45 states sweat through _____ year
40. Grazing Permit Buyout Calculator (_____)
41. Report says Klamath panel _____
42. DeGette _____ 216,000 acres to Colo. wilderness bill
48. Court rules for _____ of San Luis settlers
53. (Ed. note: These meetings are about mitigation tradeoffs. _____ ranchers' subsidy in the making?)
54. Power council plan _____ for releasing less water for fish
55. Livestock Major Factor in _____ Forests
57. will remain closed for at least 10 months ...exceptions are for ranchers _____ grazing permits and..
60. RangeNet 2002 Conservation Conference Comes to Boise _____. 9- 11
64. Advocacy group _____ 10 'most endangered national parks'
66. Ranchers continue early cattle sell-___ (SD)
67. Court _____ environmental groups' efforts to curb ground water pumping
69. (To___'_ quiz: How many domestic sheep grazing on public lands would it take to equal the value of a single Bighorn Sheep hunting tag which typically auctions for $45,000 to $110,000?)
71. State boosts deer kill by 10,000: _____ says 25,000 must be shot to control disease
74. Conservation Groups Sue _____ Protect Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout
75. Groups Blast BLM Plan to Spray Herbicides on Shinnery _____
76. County seeks drought relief for farmers, ranchers (_____)
77. It WOULD NOT be _____ "annual" cost!
78. Surplus hay finds way to _____ Colo.
80. (Ed. note: They'll get Mr. Stewart for _____ honesty!)
81. Enough risks without stock (_____)
83. _____ Sur Ranch asks for more water


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