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Headlines (medium crossword puzzle, 3/3/03)


3. _____ forests are a sweet deal for loggers
7. Today's _____: Lemhi Miracle Debunked
11. RangeNet 2002 Conservation Conference Comes to Boise _____. 9- 11
12. Citizen Groups Sue Forest Service _____ Grazing Fee
13. Ranchers try to weather hay shortages (__)
14. Catalina _____ fight for their bison
17. Lawmaker proposing buy___ program for federal grazing permits
19. _____ Sur Ranch asks for more water
20. NRDC Calls on Bush Administration to Stop _____ Attack on Clean Water Act
23. The Complaint (_____)
25. _____ warns of cancer path: from sewage to farms to you
26. ___-Groups Suing to Increase Grazing Fees on Public Lands
27. Report on Rodeo-Chediski Wildfires in Arizona - (low res. version) 360 _____ (PDF)
28. The New Mexican Editorial: Feds Should Soften Blow (Ed. note: There is a new tone in this editorial by the _____ and ethnicity sensitive New Mexican)
30. Authority for the Bureau of Land Management to Consider Requests for Retiring Grazing Permits and Leases on Public Lands (_____ memo - PDF)
32. USDA Joins Conservancy in Project to Protect _____ Ranchlands, Restore Wetlands
33. _____ Plata County rancher charged in lynx shooting
34. BLM to round _____ thousands of wild horses in Nevada
35. It WOULD NOT be an "annual" _____!
36. _____, Western Watersheds To Sue Utility To Save Endangered Salmon
37. New Labor Solicitor Intervenes Against Justice _____
38. Look for those dollar signs in a wolf's _____
40. _____ Circuit Court of Appeals Confirms Grazing Cutbacks in Owyhee County Idaho
42. _____ WOULD NOT be an "annual" cost!
44. Oh, give me land, _____ of land: Frank Clifford on the latest chapter in America's range wars
47. New Labor Solicitor Intervenes Against Justice _____blower
50. San Luis residents _____ deep to reach retreating water


1. _____ Based Municipal Land Use Planning (book)
2. Conservation Groups File Drought _____ in Intermountain Region: Petitions Now Cover Ten States
3. will remain _____ for at least 10 months ...exceptions are for ranchers with grazing permits and..
4. Dillon Resource _____ RMP Scoping. Deadline for comments March 14, 2003.
5. Livestock killed, but no more _____ found
6. Aussie '_____ Lovers Rue Killers
8. _____ Scratch Your Back...
9. Commissioners offer _____ ideas for species act
10. ___landers add a leaf to Viking mystery tale
13. Ranchers battle beef _____-_____
15. It WOULD NOT be _____ "annual" cost!
16. Today's Editorial: _____ No Harm
18. Corps stands behind status _____
21. Some residents may _____ big tax hikes; agency changing status of small grazing parcels
22. Salmon _____ Say Feds Plan Is Headed For A Train Wreck
23. RangeNet's Crossword Puzzles online (interactive and _____)
24. Are Wyoming's _____ a hotbed of disease?
29. _____ drought desiccates fish before farmers
31. (_____ letter by David M. Stewart, Director of Rangeland Management, Southwestern Region, USDA Forest Service)
39. __. note: This story contains one major misstatement.
41. _____ & dry
43. Council grazing policy defended (note: our Aussie friends have their share of grazing myths _____)
45. Grant Will Compensate Landowners Who Reduce _____ Eliminate Cattle Grazing
46. Ranchers continue early cattle sell-off (__)
48. Additional Background on __652 - National Forest Ecosystem Protection Act
49. Conservation Groups Blast Lubbock, _____ Prairie Dog Poisoning Plan


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