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Headlines (small crossword puzzle, 3/3/03)


1. Tribes _____ out water agreement for themselves, neighbors
4. Expatriate fish could return a _____
6. Today's Editorial: _____ No Harm
8. Is There a _____ for Private Conservation Dollars?
9. Land-___ chairs shift from West to South
10. Wildlands Project writ large (__: HR652)
11. 'Last great bear' _____ lumbering into Utah lore
12. Walker Lake impact statement _____ completion
13. Drought Destroys Crops, _____
17. One of _____ wild California condors found shot in Kern County
21. Tropical '___away Greenhouse' Provides Insight to Venus


1. Montana _____ fewer ranches, farms last year
2. RangeNet 2002, Or _____ and Pa Kettle in the Big City
3. Advance notice of proposed _____ for proposed amendments to the BLM's Grazing Administration Regulations and announcement of public meetings (text version) - (PDF version)
4. Additional Background on __652 - National Forest Ecosystem Protection Act
5. CHP _____ shoot and kill six cows grazing near highway
7. Panel will study lease buy-_____
8. Chronic wasting disease puts limits on touring _____: Santa Claus has been grounded
10. Report on Rodeo-Chediski Wildfires in Arizona - (low _____. version) 360 kb (PDF)
11. _____ Scratch Your Back...
14. Register for RangeNet 2002 Conference, Boise _____, 10/10- 11/02
15. Commissioners offer _____ ideas for species act
16. Earth Day at Bosque _____ Apache National Wildlife Refuge
17. Special Institute _____ Public Land Law, Regulation, and Management - Hyatt Regency Tamaya - May 15-16, 2003 - Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico (PDF)
18. The $3.3 billion cost would be a one-time total cost for a complete buyout _____ ALL permitees volunteered to retire their permits.
19. _____ WOULD NOT be an "annual" cost!
20. Elk conservation group sharpens its _____


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