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Headlines (large crossword puzzle, 3/28/03)


1. Environmental laws in _____ of Republicans: Bush proposals back on agenda
7. Wild _____ never got enough moisture (CO)
10. Utah Wolf _____ Founder Starts New Group
13. False Hopes and Counterarguments: Ways to Stay Blind to the Critical Plight of Western _____
17. Cimarron National Grassland closed to grazing (_____)
18. _____ Rediscovering Rustic Jackson Hole
19. Freudenthal (D) defeats Bebout (R) (__)
20. _____ care for our public lands more than we know
21. Magistrate Says National Forest Grazing Program Ignores Legal _____ Yet Erroneously Rules Spotted Owl Not Harmed - Groups Appeal Decision to Judge
24. Good drought management means balancing range health against _____ flow
25. Montana bill would _____ use of conservation easements
26. It's dry all over the West, but the suffering ___'_ equal
27. Wandering cattle in Ritter spur _____ (OR)
28. Montana biologists warned us about game farms 10 years _____
29. Pete Should Use IOUs _____ Conservation's Cause
31. Suit filed _____ grazing, fish habitat
32. Klamath water deal _____ bargain for U.S.
33. Huge Fish Kill Is Tribe's Worst Fear Come _____
34. Wyo. _____ CWD as cases mount
36. Famished Australian _____ invade drought-hit farms
37. Navajos _____ U.S. over water from the Colorado River
38. Coalition seeks funding for forest plan alternative (Medicine Bow __)
39. Feds _____ northern Nevada land for preservation
41. Panel will study lease ______
43. County OKs ranch sale: Chairman Ellison casts lone 'no' vote (IL Ranch, __)
45. Interior __________'_ top lawyer takes aim at environmental laws
49. _____ Angeles learns how to save water
50. Rancher leaves _____ in unbroken landscape
53. Black-Footed Ferrets Making a Comeback Through Artificial _____
54. Groups appeal noxious _____ impact statement
56. Conservation Groups Sue To Protect ___ ______ Cutthroat Trout
58. Grazing Administration _____ on the Santa Fe National Forest
60. Study says grizzlies' survival hinges on _____ food supply and room to roam
61. _____ deer test negative
63. Cobell case _____ a just and proper cause
64. Today's _____ Puzzles
69. UNR professors to monitor grouse v. __________ lines
71. ...History shows ... doomed to fail because _____ depends on the good faith of Interior...
72. Central Montana refuge _____ in '30s
76. Wolves still _____ in the Southwest
79. Utahns Rediscovering Rustic _______ ____
83. Why fly fishers hate _____ Turner
84. Texas, _._. discuss settling conflict


2. Wildlands Project writ large (__: HR652)
3. Financial _____ are managed more professionally than natural diversity (Biodiversity)
4. And, the taxpayers paid to build an 8-foot, elk-proof fence [$10,000-$15,000/mile?] on two sides of ___ property!
5. NRDC Calls on Bush Administration to Stop _____ Attack on Clean Water Act
6. Some residents may _____ big tax hikes; agency changing status of small grazing parcels
7. _____ Wells v. Condos
8. Never _____ A Bison To Smile...
9. Ed. note: An example of how western extractive industries attempt to muzzle higher _________!
10. Senate will hear testimony about Indian trust _____
11. Ongoing drought ___ lead to long- term problems with grassland recovery
12. Growth called threat to rural land in area (__________)
14. Waltz off our land, ___ Texas varmint
15. 45 states sweat _____ abnormal year
16. Judge Winmill's 6/13/02 _____ and Order online (PDF)
19. _____ can't dispose of thousands of deer killed to stop disease
20. New Labor Solicitor Intervenes Against Justice _____
22. Fort Hood to Extend Sweetheart Grazing Deal, Again: Army Complains 50-Year "Monopoly" _____ To End
23. If __, watch out for flying pigs!
24. Grant County vote stakes _____ to forest stewardship
30. "...If they're serious about recovering aspen, they need to keep cows _____..."
34. Why I Like _____
35. Livestock killed, but no more _____ found
36. Fish and Wildlife says fish doesn't need _____ protection
38. Park leaders see value in _____
40. BLM releases draft ___ for Black Rock Desert
42. Boulder students fight to save bison at _____
44. Norton _____. The Environment
46. Advance notice of proposed rulemaking for proposed amendments to the BLM's Grazing _____ Regulations and announcement of public meetings (text version) - (PDF version)
47. The New Mexican Editorial: Feds Should Soften Blow (Ed. note: There is a new _____ in this editorial by the conservative and ethnicity sensitive New Mexican)
48. Federally Recognized Indian Tribes Eligible to Get Internet Domain Name Suffix Designating Them as Government _____
51. _____ commission tours Chenoweth site
52. Colorado wildlife officials _____ new lynx reintroduction
53. Suit seeks grazing halt to protect wolves: Focus is on SNRA allotments (__)
55. Forest Service would _____ Clinton rules
56. (Ed. note: includes some background on "_____" water rights doctrine in the west)
57. Grant Will Compensate Landowners Who Reduce or _____ Cattle Grazing
59. ___landers add a leaf to Viking mystery tale
62. Conservation Groups Petition _____ for Drought Policy in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains
65. Chronic wasting disease puts limits on touring ____deer: Santa Claus has been grounded
66. 2003 NM House Bill HB0764, Senate Bill __0764
67. Salmon Advocates Say Feds Plan Is Headed For A Train _____
68. The $3.3 billion cost would be a one-time total cost for a complete buyout if _____ permitees volunteered to retire their permits.
70. U.S. PIRG Releases Annual Score_____, Grades Congress On Public Interest Issues
73. (Ed. note: And it all started with taxpayer funded research to benefit sheep ranchers. _____, Bahh, Bahhh, Humbug!)
74. _____ Scratch Your Back...
75. Additional Background on __652 - National Forest Ecosystem Protection Act
76. Ranchers continue early cattle sell-off (__)
77. Bison under the _____ - again
78. _____ Plata County rancher charged in lynx shooting
80. Senators request equal drought assistance for _____ producers
81. BLM seeks looser rules __ grazing
82. _____-BLM chief, rancher on same side of West's energy dispute
83. The 26__ Annual Public Land Law Conference, March 13-15, 2003, Missoula MT


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