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Headlines (small crossword puzzle, 3/28/03)


1. Foresters won't _____ eviction
3. Interior Department's _____ lawyer takes aim at environmental laws
5. Ed. note: _____ click to enlarge the cartoon
6. More Than Lines on a _____ (RS2477)
8. New monuments _____ with mixed feelings
10. RangeNet 2002, Or Ma and Pa Kettle in the Big _____
11. Environmentalists say bird should _____ on endangered list
13. Gray Wolves Move Toward Recovery; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Reclassifies Some Wolves from Endangered _____ Threatened
14. (Ed. note: apparently business as usual in range "________" without any large ungrazed control for comparison)
17. Rancher given _____ to shoot killer wolves
18. Conservation Groups File Drought Petition in Intermountain Region: Petitions Now Cover _____ States
19. State Supreme Court rules locals have access to _____ Ranch
20. _____ Plata County rancher charged in lynx shooting
21. Chilton's Grazing Permit _____: Forest Service rejects compromise


1. _____ Landslide in New Mexico
2. And, the taxpayers paid to build __ 8-foot, elk-proof fence [$10,000-$15,000/mile?] on two sides of his property!
3. Ed. note: DO click to enlarge _____ cartoon
4. RangeNet 2002, Or Ma and _____ Kettle in the Big City
5. Authority for the Bureau of Land Management to Consider Requests for Retiring Grazing Permits and Leases on Public Lands (_____ memo - PDF)
7. Australia _____ tours drought- ravaged Outback and promises aid for ranchers
8. Report from Wyoming: Cowboy _____ Dooms Economy
9. Livestock killed, but no more _____ found
10. Groups unite to preserve pristine _____ land
12. _____-BLM chief, rancher on same side of West's energy dispute
15. Special Institute on Public Land Law, Regulation, and Management - Hyatt Regency Tamaya - May 15-16, 2003 - _____ Ana Pueblo, New Mexico (PDF)
16. Earth Day's role evolves to reflect a changing _____
22. Additional Background on __652 - National Forest Ecosystem Protection Act
23. _____ Sur Ranch asks for more water


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