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Headlines (medium crossword puzzle, 7/19/03)


1. _____ Drought Index (map)
3. _____ cow woes bring threats of drastic measures
4. _____, Western Watersheds To Sue Utility To Save Endangered Salmon
6. Today's Editorial: _____ Miracle Debunked
8. El _____ Ranch asks for more water
10. Tamarisk: Bill Would Eradicate Middle Eastern Tree That _____ Enough Water for a Million People
12. _____, Partners Sue BLM for Violation of Clean Water Act
13. Ranchers continue early cattle sell-off (__)
15. Surplus hay finds way to _____ Colo.
16. Corps stands behind status _____
17. Wildlife Watching Larger Economic _____ than Public Lands Grazing in the West
18. U.S. seeks protection for _____ plant unique to Wyoming
19. Coalition seeks funding for forest plan alternative (Medicine Bow __)
20. Grant Will Compensate Landowners _____ Reduce or Eliminate Cattle Grazing
21. BLM manager explains cattle _____
24. Wildlands Project writ large (__: HR652)
25. "..._____ of cattle and a number of sheep have been killed..."
26. _____ the Trinity
29. Authority for the Bureau of Land Management to Consider Requests for Retiring Grazing Permits and Leases on Public Lands (_____ memo - PDF)
30. _____ request equal drought assistance for ag producers
31. Drought chokes the West: Arizona has no plan to _____
32. Environmentalists blue over GOP _____
33. Investigation _____ dead horses in Nevada raises anger, questions
34. Frustrations With Government in _____.
35. Ranch _____ up: Elk and recreation worth more than cows
36. Expatriate fish could return a _____
37. Judge: Forest Service Violated _____
39. Rogue Wolf Pair to Be _________ (UT)
42. If __, watch out for flying pigs!


1. Chronic wasting disease _____ limits on touring reindeer: Santa Claus has been grounded
2. (Ed. note: They'll get _____. Stewart for his honesty!)
3. Fire Analysis Shatters Common _____ About Western Wildfires: Environmentalists Not To Blame For Wildfires (PDF)
4. U.S House votes show strong support for Yellowstone protections - (but _____ strong enough)
5. Good drought management means balancing range health against cash _____
6. _____ Plata County rancher charged in lynx shooting
7. Disillusioned, Beat Down and No Longer in Proper _____ Condition
9. Congress likely to kill roads deal (Utah - __2477)
11. Federal government denied reservations their _____
12. Beavers really are the _____ best dam builders
14. Ed. note: _____ click to enlarge the cartoon
15. _____ Pronghorn on Verge of Extinction
17. _____. Reid says 'no chance' for grazing permit buyout proposal
22. _____ Lake grazing allotment, NM: deadline for comments August 10, 2002.
23. (Today's quiz: How many domestic sheep grazing on public lands would it take to equal the value of a single Bighorn Sheep hunting tag which _____ auctions for $45,000 to $110,000?)
25. _____'_ Lesson: Build another Noah's Ark
27. Permanent ban is _____ on the import of all cervids
28. Western Watersheds, NPLGC _____ to Washington
32. _____ care for our public lands more than we know
36. _____ & dry
38. The $3.3 billion cost would be a one-time total cost for a complete buyout if _____ permitees volunteered to retire their permits.
40. 2003 NM House Bill HB0764, Senate Bill __0764
41. _____, give me land, lots of land: Frank Clifford on the latest chapter in America's range wars


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