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Headlines (small crossword puzzle, 12/28/03)


1. Conservation groups seek sage grouse _____
6. The _____ living thing is a quiet survivor
7. Arizona’s _____ range laws are profitable for ranchers, but dangerous for property owners
9. Waltz off ___ land, you Texas varmint
10. Ed. note: _____ click to enlarge the cartoon
12. Some residents may see big tax hikes; agency changing status of _____ grazing parcels
15. ...History shows ... doomed to fail because _____ depends on the good faith of Interior...
16. County ___ ranch sale: Chairman Ellison casts lone 'no' vote (IL Ranch, NV)
18. Pot plants spread _____ cows are removed
20. (_____ letter by David M. Stewart, Director of Rangeland Management, Southwestern Region, USDA Forest Service)
21. _____ rushing to create live test
22. Anti-flatulence tax upsets _____ farmers
23. Surplus hay finds way to _____ Colo.
24. Mad Cow _____: Could the Nightmare Happen Here?


1. Economics 101: Ranching is a Losing _____
2. Santa Fe National Forest _____ cows removed from range
3. In the West it's not _____ living with drought
4. Environmental coalition sues _____ list sage grouse
5. 47 dead horses found in Nevada may _____ have been Dann sisters'
7. Forest Service Defies Judicial Ruling, Allows Grazing to Continue Jeopardizing Mexican Spotted _____
8. _._. GRASSLANDS: Panel to study grazing plan
11. Babbitt: environmental steward __ sellout?
13. U.S. farm law_____ resist homeland agency lure
14. Farmers in all counties now eligible for federal _____ because of drought (CO)
16. _____-seeking 'thumper' trucks could soon pound monument
17. 2003 NM House Bill HB0764, Senate Bill __0764
19. This Land Is _____ Land
21. County seeks drought relief for farmers, ranchers (_____)


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