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Inside RangeNet (medium crossword puzzle, 7/16/02)


1. State flower of Ohio
9. Rhode Island Red Hen (state bird)
10. Palafoxia arida arida
11. Utah Environmental Congress
12. maiden blue _____ Mary
13. Like me I _____
15. Palmetto Tree (state tree)
17. The Last Frontier
18. Interior official _____ Bush backs mining
19. Land and Water Fund of the Rockies
21. Cattlemen _____ Forest Service: Federal land-use policies to come under review, again
22. Erysimum capitatum capitatum
26. Wingnut cryptantha (symbol)
27. Malvaceae (family)
29. What we need to _____ to Preserve America's National Parks
31. Temporary Nonuse, __: 1998 Grazing Year
33. Pollution Paralysis: State _____ Puts Waters at Risk
35. Western Environmental _____ Center
36. RangNet hover button link to some miscellaneous RangeBiome material
38. Rep. Stump drafting bill to _____ conservation of Agua Fria National Monument
40. Key Ecological Functions
42. 7.6% federal lands (state)
43. Counties get OK to _____ CRP land (MT)
44. Resource Advisory Council


1. False Hopes and Counterarguments: Ways to Stay Blind to the Critical Plight of Western Eco_____
2. Brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Area: a National _____ of Sciences report
3. Court rules for heirs of San _____ settlers
4. kayak's cousin
5. Chest high grass, _____, and rushes
6. Falco femoralis septendrionalis
7. The damage done to the land by cattle has become a contentious environmental _____.
8. Questions Answered On-line by _____ Experts
13. Poeciliopsis occidentalis
14. Society of American Foresters
16. Tucson, AZ enviros
20. People Tap Into Ducks _____ Canada Wetland for Water Supply
21. New Mexico: _____ of grazed and ungrazed streams
22. what the piper was
23. publisher of GREENLines
24. Western Hemlock (state tree)
25. _____-BLM chief, rancher on same side of West's energy dispute
28. Clanking _____ bells toll
30. GIC - hiding cover consumed _____ removed
32. otherwise
34. Jerry Peak Wilderness Study _____
35. GIC - hydro_____ systems degraded
36. Counties get _____ to hay CRP land (MT)
37. land's lid
39. Farrington Carpenter's implementation task
41. Federal Register


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