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Inside RangeNet (small crossword puzzle, 7/16/02)


1. _____ Gives Mailbox Bomber Profile
3. couch
5. Deer With Wasting Disease Found in _._.
6. _____ may hold answer for Klamath
8. A 77-year-_____ cow watcher from Arizona
9. genetic pattern
10. Dan's feet are _____
12. A majority of public land is controlled by a few _____ individuals and corporations
15. Mustard Family (sci.)
19. National Pollution Discharge Elimination System
21. Ex-BLM chief, rancher on same side of West's _____ dispute
24. Fish and Wildlife says fish doesn't need _____ protection


1. The Soil _____: It's Importance in Ecosystem Health
2. Tulip Tree (state tree)
4. Spider milkweed (symbol)
7. _____ show us where
9. Diameter at Breash Height
11. _____ deep and narrow
13. Four Bid On Cattle Seized From _____
14. _____ unto thy herbicides
16. Campaign to buy ranchers' grazing permits is the way to save public _____
17. Deer-brush (symbol)
18. wide-eyed
20. Socio-Economic Assessment Area
22. Temporary Nonuse, __: 1998 Grazing Year
23. Don't _____ listen to him Dan


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