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Inside RangeNet (small crossword puzzle, 11/28/02)


1. Mexican _____
7. shady area pastime
8. still not implemented
9. Stansbury Rock-daisy (symbol)
10. Healing raw _____ banks
12. Recreation Opportunity Spectrum
13. An Open Letter to the Sierra Club Board of Directors in support of a "Zero-_____" Conservation Policy
14. February
16. Loggerhead Shrike genus (sci.)
19. Mountain Laurel (state flower)
21. _____ TO ICY-BUMP
22. _____ project stirs debate over water resources
23. something BLM resists designating


1. Your ___-________ body, ooo, makes me drool
2. Survey Shows Public Strongly _____ Anti-environmental Tactics by Congress
3. outlaw enviro group
4. Numbers doom Arctic drilling vote: Refuge opening _____ 50-40 in U.S. Senate
5. Narrow-_____ Yucca
6. Recreation Visitor Days
11. Potential Vegetation Type
13. _____ rushing to create live test
14. Navajo _____bane
15. _._. behind on wildlife protection
17. A handshake, a hug, _'_ on my way
18. _____thistle Desert dandelion
20. The Nature Conservancy


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