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Inside RangeNet (medium crossword puzzle, 7/19/03)


1. turn over
3. Shasta _____wheat
5. An Open Letter to the Sierra Club Board of Directors in support of a "Zero-_____" Conservation Policy
8. Environmentalists target Bush administration (__: FOIA)
9. ..._____ to livestock grazing in Southwest,
10. Cause I ride the range in a Ford _- _
11. Rangeland studies major rides into _____: Oregon State will abolish the program (Ed. note: another sign of a dying industry, western ranching)
15. Jay D. _____, environmentalist, was fierce fighter
16. Portland, OR headquartered enviros
17. With _____ of watershed damage resulting from grazing
19. Ranchers asked to _____ cattle grazing as drought worsens (CO)
20. When I've done my _____ I point my rig
21. Cattle, Hikers Get Access to Valles Caldera (Ed. note: $45 _____ day for the hikers, 33 cents per day for the cows!)
22. GIC - altered soil _____flora and microfauna
24. In your _____
25. Brumley Ridge Allotment, Manti-__ Sal National Forest, UT: soil erosion, invasive plants, loss of native biodiversity, high forage utilization by cattle--this allotment has it all!
26. Livestock Grazing Has Nearly _____ Western Arid Lands
27. Groups Threaten ESA Lawsuit Against _____ Over Beaver Eradication Efforts in the Greater Southwest
29. New monuments: _____ by numbers
30. Groove-billed _____
31. New _____ Solicitor Intervenes Against Justice Whistleblower
33. Anti-flatulence tax upsets _____ farmers
34. 2003 NM House Bill HB0764, Senate Bill __0764
36. Groups _____ BLM to halt cattle grazing
38. _____ Anti-environmental Myths
41. Mountain Laurel (state flower)
42. A collection of items relating to a specified person or place


1. _____ Sparrow
2. The Great Republican "Environmental" _____ Campaign
3. Scotch _____bells
4. Stenotus acaulis
5. They are the Founders of Kentucky Wolf Information Center
6. Perfuming the morning in shimmering _____
7. New BLM Wyoming State Director _________ livestock industry
12. The breeze giving voice _____ Saguaro spines
13. State tree of Montana
14. goldenbush genus (sci.)
18. Martz _____ for state wolf management
23. Cattlemen _____ foul over basketball change
27. Wyoming Legislature passes _____ land tax bill
28. House committee agrees to exempt Pentagon from some environmental _____
31. _____ buy out federal grazing permits and end the damage
32. Congress likely to kill roads deal (Utah - __2477)
35. Bonneville Power Administration
37. Amendment could be costly to __ environmental studies program
38. Ranchers try to weather hay shortages (__)
39. Rhode Island
40. 4th state


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