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Inside RangeNet (small crossword puzzle, 7/19/03)


2. _____ lupine
6. Your sun-sparkled body, _____, makes me drool
7. Counties get _____ to hay CRP land (MT)
8. Forest service manager not preserving _____ Padres
9. (Ed. note: And it all started with taxpayer _____ research to benefit sheep ranchers. Bah, Bahh, Bahhh, Humbug!)
12. southwest
15. Rancher Pleads Guilty: Score one for _____ evidence
16. Comparing _____ With Lewis and Clark
17. Program Director, Utah Environmental Congress
20. Dead fish _____ the low-flowing Klamath
21. Brumley Ridge Allotment, Manti-__ Sal National Forest, UT: soil erosion, invasive plants, loss of native biodiversity, high forage utilization by cattle--this allotment has it all!
22. The 26__ Annual Public Land Law Conference, March 13-15, 2003, Missoula MT
23. In my mind I _____
24. Fish and Wildlife Service


1. cow-pasture pool
2. ranch income
3. Aquila chrysaetos canadensis
4. Ranchers whom I like _____ by
5. Ravenous _____ have farmers hopping mad
10. Bastion of Ecological Literacy _____ Siege: Our Public Schools
11. Wildlife Line Art (Black-and- White) _____
13. May 29, 1848 state
14. An Open Letter to the Sierra Club Board of Directors in support of a "_____-Cud" Conservation Policy
17. Denver, CO enviros
18. Santa _____ National Forest orders cows removed from range
19. Alberta ranchers stuck in similar _____


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