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States (small crossword puzzle, 10/3/02)


1. Nickname of Missouri
4. State flower of Oklahoma
6. Single-leaf Pinyon (state tree)
7. White Pine (state tree)
9. 3.8% federal lands (state)
11. Capital of Maine
14. 49th state
16. Rhode Island Red Hen (state bird)
18. South Dakota
20. Pennsylvania
21. Pinyon (state tree)
23. Carolina Yellow Jessamine (state flower)
25. Capital is Honolulu
26. Mockingbird (state bird)


1. State flower of Idaho
2. 20th state
3. Capital of Oregon
4. 4.7% federal lands (state)
5. Capital is Nashville
8. Eastern Goldfinch (state bird)
10. Eastern Brown Pelican (state bird)
12. 64.5% federal lands (state)
13. 25th state
15. Western Meadowlark (state bird)
17. Tulip Tree (state tree)
19. Blue Hen Chicken (state bird)
22. 20th state
24. White Oak (state tree)


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