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States (large crossword puzzle, 12/28/03)


1. Capital of New Jersey
4. White Oak (state tree)
5. State bird of Wyoming
10. Nickname of Texas
14. Sego Lily (state flower)
16. Yellow Hibiscus (state flower)
17. Nickname of Hawaii
19. Peach State
22. Palmetto Tree (state tree)
23. Capital of South Dakota
24. State bird of Missouri
26. Willow Goldfinch (state bird)
28. Western Meadowlark (state bird)
29. Capital of Hawaii
30. White Pine (state tree)
32. Capital of Oregon
34. Willow Ptarmigan (state bird)
35. State flower of Pennsylvania
36. Capital of Idaho
38. State flower of Tennessee
39. State bird of South Carolina
42. Sego Lily (state flower)
43. State flower of New York
44. State bird of Rhode Island
46. State tree of Arkansas
48. Tulip Tree (state tree)
50. Western Meadowlark (state bird)
51. Capital of Texas
52. Sugar Maple (state tree)
54. Nickname of Colorado
55. Sooner State
56. Volunteer State
57. Nickname of New Mexico
62. Wild Rose (state flower)
64. Yucca (state flower)
65. Wolverine State
66. _____ of Statehood


1. Capital of Florida
2. Western Meadowlark (state bird)
3. Tar Heel State
5. State bird of Idaho
6. Wood Violet (state flower)
7. Saguaro Cactus (state flower)
8. Western Meadowlark (state bird)
9. Capital of Minnesota
11. White Birch (state tree)
12. Ring-necked Pheasand (state bird)
13. State bird of New Mexico
15. The Natural State
18. Scarlet Carnation (state flower)
19. Peach State
20. Violet (state flower)
21. White Birch (state tree)
23. State tree of Arizona
24. State bird of Delaware
25. Peach Blossom (state flower)
26. State tree of New Hampshire
27. Dates of State_____
31. Yellowhammer State
33. Mayflower (state flower)
34. State bird of Connecticut
37. Nickname of Wyoming
40. State tree of North Dakota
41. State bird of Hawaii
45. Yellowhammer State
46. Ruffed Grouse (state bird)
47. Wild Prairie Rose (state flower)
49. Capital of Nebraska
53. Capital of Montana
57. Pelican State
58. Single-leaf Pinyon (state tree)
59. Rocky Mountain Columbine (state flower)
60. Red Oak (state tree)
61. Pecan (state tree)
63. Sugar Maple (state tree)


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