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States (small crossword puzzle, 12/28/03)


1. State bird of Arizona
6. Violet (state flower)
7. Palmetto Tree (state tree)
8. Capital of Illinois
10. Pelican State
11. The Natural State
12. _____ of Statehood
14. Wolverine State
16. Willow Ptarmigan (state bird)
18. Tar Heel State
20. State flower of New Mexico
21. Yellowhammer State


1. Rocky Mountain Columbine (state flower)
2. State bird of West Virginia
3. Sego Lily (state flower)
4. Willow Goldfinch (state bird)
5. Single-leaf Pinyon (state tree)
8. Capital of Oregon
9. Peach State
12. Peach Blossom (state flower)
13. Ring-necked Pheasand (state bird)
15. Wild Rose (state flower)
17. Tulip Poplar (state tree)
19. Golden State


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