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Desert Rat's Special (small crossword puzzle, 8/4/02)


2. So many _____
6. Rustling from a towhee's _____
8. Grizz on the tundra, puffins at _____
9. Balanced for _____
11. A canyon wren will fill _____ souls
12. Tall _____ true
13. Where the _____ is so pure, the zephyrs so free
15. The morning's gonna _____ so fine
16. Where the moon caresses my eye_____
19. Will catch the breeze then _____ it go
21. What _____ friends for, I don't need to ask
23. And _'__ make you happy if it makes me sick
24. You're _____thing to me I'm so proud to be seen…with you
25. Flycatchers red on the _____ Pedro


1. Desert sparrow singin' _____ song
2. _____-_____ thrashin' in my ears
3. _____ to small mounds of green
4. Please show _____ where
5. Oh, give me land, lots of land under _____ skies above,
7. And _____ spreads the burning sand
10. Each day with you I sail like a kite…_____ like a kite
12. I'm _____ in love with your Sonoran eyes
14. _____ as the mistletoe berries beside,
17. When _'__ done my gig I point my rig
18. Girls _____ I'm handsome and intelligent
20. Laugh at the sun in a hundred and _____
22. _____ there buglin' under a tree
23. To just get one _'_ sell my brother


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