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This page last updated February 08, 2009

Jane Baxter

Contact Information
Address: Rural Route 1, Box 450
Posey, CA 93260
Phone: (661) 536-8668
Fax: (661) 536-8668


Range Watch

Profession or Area of Expertise

Video activism and fund-raising. Fly fishing wannabe.

Personal Statement

Jane Baxter founded Range Watch in 1992 after years of experiencing the commercial cattle damage to the National Forests that surround her Sierra Nevada property. She has been involved in environmental issues and has worked to preserve wild places since 1973. Jane has a degree in Recreation Management from the University of California at Los Angeles and has been in supervision and administration of recreation programs for a number of Southern California cities. For five years, she was involved in the arts with the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, where she was director of development. She is currently a bed and breakfast inkeeper in her remote mountain home. Jane wrote and produced an award-winning documentary film in the 1970s and is now a self-taught videographer, using video to help tell the story of the need for range reform. She volunteers her leadership to Range Watch as its director.

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