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This page last updated February 08, 2009

Clair Button

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Contact Information
Email: contact via MySpace
Address: Oregon



Profession or Area of Expertise

Author mystery & satire, native landscaping, Botanist & wildlife biologist (retired BLM)

Personal Statement

About C.F. Button

By and About

Quicksand Plot  The city of Phoenix is growing like a cancer. The Bureau of Land Management is trading land to make room for growth. Bankers, developers, and lawyers are making fortunes. Then some small-time miners cook up a scam to get their cut of the action and all hell breaks loose in the desert ...

Cow Cookies  When a local environmental activist turns up dead in the remote eastern Oregon desert and cut fences lure livestock to a waterless trap not far away, the connection is obvious. But small town rumors of the investigation and disparate clues linking a series of cattle deaths lead a BLM wildlife biologist to look beyond the obvious ...
Coyote Staircase  It began with a secret... Deep in the historic homeland of the Nez Perce tribe in eastern Oregon, a hidden mine is about to be opened. When stolen mining equipment is found wrecked nearby with a boot -- and a foot -- amidst the destruction, no one is certain who is to blame. One thing is for certain: Tom Kreuger's job just got more complicated....


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