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BLM grazing decisions appealed for 31 Utah allotments, stay requested to prevent grazing pending resolution of appeal

Note: The following letter is reproduced using scanning and optical character recognition. To download a copy of the document as originally scanned for viewing with Microsoft Word, RIGHT-CLICK HERE and then "Save link as"...


United States Department of the Interior  

Salt Lake Field Office
2370 South 2300 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84119

OCT 11 2001



Western Watershed Projects Inc.
c/o John Carter
Box 280
Mendon, Utah 84325

Dear Permittees and Interested Publics;

On August 27 and 29, 2001, the Salt Lake Field Office issued final grazing decisions to renew the grazing permits on several Tooele County allotments, the Ajax, Deseret-Rush Valley, East Grassy, East Onaqui, East Onaqui Resource Conservation Area, Faust Rest Area, German Valley, Grantsville SCS, Indian Springs, Lakeside, Lone Rock, Lost Creek, Lucin-Pilot, Mercur, North Grassy, North Puddle Valley, Pole Canyon, Salt Mountain, Silver Island, Skunk Ridge, South Clover, South Deseret, Stansbury Island North, Stansbury Island South, Stansbury Island Southeast, Topliff, Vernon, Vernon Hills, West Grassy and West Onaqui Allotments. On October 1, 2001 these decisions were appealed by the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and Western Watersheds Project. The appellants also petitioned for a stay of the final decisions during the appeal process. Presently it takes about two years for an appeal to reach a hearing.

BLM is required to inform interested publics of an appeal. This letter fulfills that purpose.

According to BLM's handbook H-4160, "Decisions, Hearings, and Appeals," if a stay is granted "an applicant who was granted grazing use in the preceding year may continue at that level of authorized grazing use during the time the decision is stayed." However, in their petition for a stay, the appellants stated that the stay they were requesting was; "elimination of livestock grazing on the relevant allotments." In other words the stay of the final decisions requested with the appeal is different than a normal stay. An administrative law judge would take this into account in ruling on the stay request. According to regulations an administrative law judge has 45 days to rule on the stay request.

The other purpose of this letter is to inform the permittees that any party who received the final decision may also provide information addressing the petition for a stay. This information must be mailed to the Interior Board of Land Appeals with a copy to the Office of Hearing and Appeals within 10 days of receiving the appeal. Additionally, if the stay is granted as requested in the appeal and these allotments are closed to livestock grazing, the permittees will have to make alternate arrangements for their livestock during the appeal period. Ruling on the stay request should occur within the next two months.

Interior Board of Land Appeals
4051 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22203

Office of Hearings and Appeals
Hearings Division
139 East South Temple, Site 600
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

The Salt Lake Field Office will keep you updated on the status of the petition for stay and the appeal.



Glenn A. Carpenter

Field Office Manager