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Tips & Tricks
Using Google Images Search
with the
Photo Album of Western Plants and Wildflowers


Google's free site search does not include their Images search nor provide for restricting searches to below the domain level (yet), or you would see it here.

However, Google Images Search does work quite well for searching for images within this subdirectory if you know a couple of tricks:

  • Go to

  • Click on "Images" (just above search terms window)

  • In the search terms window of the Images search page, enter the following:
    +rangenet +christiec and your search term(s)

  • Assuming you get a hit, the results page will show thumbnail links of all images that were associated with your search terms. Just clip on an image that interests you.

  • A final results page will be displayed in a new window that has the selected image with a link to "see a full-size image" displayed in the top section, and the web page that it comes from in the bottom section.

    • Note that while Googles Images Search is a very smart program, what is displayed when you follow the "see a full-size image" will sometimes be a thumbnail instead. If that is the case, just go to the lower section of Google's final results page, scroll down until you find the image that you are interested in, and then click on that thumbnail for a full sized image.

  • While this procedure presently seems to include enough uniqueness to restrict the search results to this album, it is possible that stray results from other web sites may be included in search results in the future. If that happens, just try including additional or different combinations of required words (preceded by a "+") from the full path name of the album. These would be:

    • +rangenet

    • +org

    • +directory

    • +christiec

    • +plants

Note that you can use adaptations of these procedures for conducting site and directory specific Google and Google Images searches for other web sites and directories.