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This page last updated February 08, 2009

Purslane Family

Click thumbnail for larger view, symbol(s) for NRCS's PLANTS database and USFS's Fire Effects (FEIS) database listings.
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CALANDRINIA - redmaids


CACI2.JPG (110651 bytes)


Calandrinia ciliata (Ruiz & PavUn) DC.
fringed redmaids
Portulacaceae: Purslane Family
Pozo Road, La Panza Range.
San Luis Obispo County, CA
March 17, 1997
PLANTS symbol: CACI2

CISTANTHE - pussypaws


CIUM.jpg (119131 bytes)


Cistanthe umbellata (Torr.) Hershkovitz
Synonym: Calyptridium umbellatum (Torr.) Greene
Mt. Hood pussypaws
Portulacaceae: Purslane Family
Big Sand Flat, Shasta-Trinity National Forest
Siskiyou Co., CA
June 2, 1997

CLAYTONIA - springbeauty


CLLA2.jpg (96923 bytes)


Claytonia lanceolata Pall. ex Pursh
lanceleaf springbeauty
Family: Portulacaceae, Purslane Family
Butterfly Lake, Bear River Hwy 150, Summit County, Utah
June 24, 1996 
PLANTS symbol: CLLA2

LEWISIA - lewisia


LERE7p1.jpg (154850 bytes)

LERE7p2.jpg (143327 bytes)


Lewisia rediviva Pursh
bitter root
Family: Portulacaceae, Purslane Family
Sandy Mesa top, Juniper and mountain brush
Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area
Daggett, County, Utah
PLANTS symbol: LERE7
Fire Effects Database symbol: LEWRED