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This page last updated February 08, 2009

Nysa Faber

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Address: Wyoming




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Nysa Faber was raised on a farm in western Nebraska. As a small child, her Grandfather recognized in her a special affinity with animals and called upon her to help care for all sick, injured and orphaned creatures on the farm, both domestic and wild.

Following her move to Wyoming, in the late sixties and early seventies she worked tirelessly to help resurrect her local Humane Society through her fund-raising efforts. She became involved in Animal Rights issues and began to support wildlife and environmental organizations, a commitment that continues to this day.

In 1973, Nysa became Founder and President of the Wyoming Chapter of Friends of Children of Viet Nam. As a young idealist, she spoke before groups and organizations and was interviewed by newspaper, radio, and television reporters on both local and national levels. In addition to supplying To Am Nursery in Saigon with monetary and material assistance through her organization, she advised and assisted those interested in the adoption of Vietnamese children in nearly all fifty States. Following the end of the American involvement in Viet Nam, she helped facilitate the adoptions of children from South Korea, India and Colombia and sponsored Vietnamese refugees and Vietnamese and Chinese students.

Nysa traveled to Belize in 1980 and was granted a private audience with Prime Minister George Price. She was given carte blanche permission by the Prime Minister to lay the groundwork in establishing a home for disabled children and to place those children available for adoption through the auspices of Friends of Children of Various Nations (formerly Friends of Children of Viet Nam).

Life circumstances caused a shadow to fall on her idealistic expectations and she came to rest working as a journalist, marketing director for various publications and managing an art gallery followed by establishing a custom frame shop. During these years, Nysa continued her work as an activist in her own way by trying to assist all beings placed on her path and becoming involved in causes close to her heart. This included co-organizing a political action group, which was instrumental in the passage of three amendments by the Wyoming State Legislature.

In 1997 following an epiphanic experience, new vision guided her to a Native American Tribe. She was adopted by the Spiritual Leaders of that Nation. As Medicine Woman she honors the sacred ways of the Earth Mother, the soul of Nature that nourishes, sustains, gives life to all things. After recognizing the synchronicities directing her to the meaning of her life, Nysa is now actively working to help the Earth Mother to heal, for without her blessings we will all perish.

Having been a vegetarian for more than three decades, she was asked in February 2003 to teach the first vegetarian classes offered at her local (agricultural) college held during the annual Campus Days.

In March, she organized The Great American Meatout in her community. Her city was one of twenty-seven cities in the United States in which the Mayor issued a Meatout Proclamation. Monthly vegetarian dinners are now celebrated; the numbers of individuals interested in a more peaceful diet increasing.

Nysa attended the Stroock Forum on Wyoming Lands and People in April and was given the opportunity to publicly address Governor Dave Freudenthal. Following her statement, she asked the Governor to comment on the grazing issue. At the conclusion of the Forum she presented a copy of "Welfare Ranching" to him, a gift from Western Watersheds Project.


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