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This page last updated February 08, 2009

Julian Hatch

Julian Hatch for U.S. Senate

Contact Information
(note: see Julian Hatch for U.S. Senate web site for campaign contact information)
Address: PO Box 1365
Boulder, UT 84716
Phone: (435) 335-7477



Profession or Area of Expertise

Director of the Boulder Regional Group and Human Ecologist.

Personal Statement

Hatch vs. Hatch: Utah Green announces for US Senate

Julian Hatch, a 51 year-old disabled veteran who opposes the continued occupation of Iraq is challenging Republican Senator Orrin Hatch in his campaign for an unprecedented sixth term. A lifelong native of Utah, Julian Hatch committed himself to a two-term limit upon accepting the nomination of the Green Party of Utah (GPUT) at a special convention held this week.

Julian Hatch holds a degree in Human Ecology and is the southern Utah Coordinator for Western Watersheds Project, the environmental public lands policy organization based in Hailey, Idaho. Julian was active in protesting the war prior to the invasion of Iraq and has been an environmental and social activist demanding integrity from government officials and conservation of public lands in the western US.

“It is time that all Utah citizens, regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, political or religious persuasion be duly represented in Washington D.C. and I am opposing my own relative so citizens of Utah will finally have a real choice since Democrats have adopted so many Republican policy positions in recent years.” states Julian Hatch.

The “Grassroots” Green Party of Utah is affiliated with the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) and provides a platform of Green Values that include reform of the electoral process, Instant Run-off Voting, and support for proportional representation to counter the present winner-take-all elections that have divided the nation into red and blue states.

Julian Hatch asserts: “We are building a populist third party to challenge the ruling two party system that has become immersed in big money and entrenched in fascist ideology. Our courts have become biased and partisan causing citizens to believe they no longer act neutrally or provide justice. We are no safer now from terrorism and much more damage to our nation has been accomplished by millionaire politicians such as Orrin who have legislated away our freedoms.”

In 1975 Orrin Hatch left his job as a Trial Lawyer and his home in Pittsburgh, Pa. to take up residence in a Salt Lake City hotel and campaign against the sitting Democratic Senator who Orrin accused as being a “Washington Insider.” Although considered a political “Goliath,” after five terms over three decades in the US Senate, Orrin is considered by many in Utah to be out of touch with the state and co-opted by corporate special interests.

“I am determined to help citizens take back control of our government and restore the constitutional freedoms that so many have sacrificed to gain. I pledge to bring a basic sense approach with no spinning of the truth,” promises GPUT candidate Julian Hatch.

Contact Information:
Campaign Manager Tom King: phone 801-502-8556
Green Party of Utah Phone: 801-631-2998
Website: Hatch for Senate
Email Julian: Julian Hatch

Additional positions:

  • Affordable Health Care Reform
  • Pro-choice position not allowing our bodies to be controlled by the government
  • Reform the corporate tax code.
  • Provide a simple and fair tax system for all citizens.
  • Introduce and pass comprehensive Utah BLM and FS Wilderness Bills within three years.

I have lived in Boulder, Utah for the past twenty years. Boulder is located in southern Utah and is where I helped found the Boulder Regional Group (BRG) in 1983, which is a small, non-membership bioregional, non profit organization. I continue to serve as director of BRG and have a degree in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic located in Bar Harbor, Maine (1981). I am active in public land issues particularly involving the Forest Service, BLM, School Trust Lands, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, and Aphis-Wildlife Services (ADC). I am pro wildlife, animal rights activist, freethinker, and free speech advocate.

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