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This page last updated February 08, 2009

Martha Hein

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Address: New York



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Activism- research & fact presentation

Personal Statement

I grew up in rural New York state, in a region with many cattle and dairy operations. Out in New York cow farmers use their own land to graze their animals and we donít have any nonsense about the open range.

  • If you canít feed the animals you donít farm them. Period. There is no relying on your neighborís vegetation to nourish your animals. 
  • Interestingly enough, according to USDA statistics in the year 2001 New York was home to 16,000 cattle & calves operations (that is any place with one or more head of cattle at any time during that year) which makes it a much larger cattle producer than Arizona, with only 3,000 cattle operations.(USDA statistics, found through 

If New York can house that many cattle operations without the aid of open range laws, there is no reason why Arizona canít do the same. In comparison Arizonaís cattle production is less than a drop in the bucket nationwide and it makes no sense to give these few Americans the right, essentially, to use the possessions of the majority as raw materials to feed their cattle. When the open range laws were put into effect there were far fewer humans in the West. It was not unusual to have homesteads miles and miles apart so it didnít matter if a rancher let his animals wander. The chance for human contact was slim to none. Now the population density is such that there are far more people than cows.

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