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This page last updated February 08, 2009

Etemalgz Hemoostz

Contact Information
Address: Nekkar (Beta Bootes)
Phone: Very Loooong Distance



Profession or Area of Expertise

Lienaz Owcz Bductoraz

Personal Statement

Ewz teaz llaz foz uroz ovinesbz ndaz ewz reaz tarvingsz. Ouyz avehz osz anymz owcz ndaz ewz avehz osz ewfz - osz ewz aketz oursyz!

Editor's note: The native tongue of Nekkar is similar to Pig Latin, but much more difficult to pronounce. Nekkar being the "cattleman" star, most Nekkarians are also fluent in Bovish (the native tongue of welfare ranchers and agency biostitutes).

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