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This page last updated February 08, 2009

Allison Jones

Contact Information
Address: Utah



Profession or Area of Expertise

Conservation Biologist

Personal Statement

Allison Jones received her B.A in Environmental Studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz under the guidance of her mentor and advisor, Michael Soule. She then completed her M.S in Conservation Biology at the University of Nevada, Reno in 1996. Her Masters study analyzed the effects of cattle grazing on small mammal communities in the Great Basin. During this time she also starting working on a meta-analysis of grazing effects in upland areas, in which she lumped and reanalyzed the results of 196 different sets of grazed/ungrazed comparisons. This analysis was completed in 1998. Allison has worked as an ecological consultant in both Colorado and Utah as an endangered species specialist, where she performed habitat assessments and surveys for federally threatened birds, small mammals and plants. Allison is now working as the staff conservation biologist for the Wild Utah Project, which is the Utah affiliate of The Wildlands Project. In addition to collecting and assembling biological data to be used in reserve design for the Colorado Plateau and other parts of Utah, Allison also provides biological analyses for Utah conservation groups that do not typically have their own biologists. Examples include detailed "conservation biology analyses" of proposed federal land management agency plans and actions. She is also currently the P.I. on two separate grazing-related studies based in southern Utah.

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