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This page last updated February 08, 2009

Dean Keddy-Hector

Contact Information
Address: Texas


Texas Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (TxPEER)

Profession or Area of Expertise

Staff Scientist for Texas Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (TxPEER) and National Endangered Species Network (NESN); ornithologist and conservation biologist.

Personal Statement

I teach biology at Austin Community College, but also work for TxPEER in efforts to represent government employees and disclose government environmental mismanagement. One of our current emphases is the removal of a destructive taxpayer-subsidized grazing operation from the Ft. Hood Military Reservation. I also assist NESN with review and analysis of endangered species habitat conservation plans and safe harbor agreements, and annually colorband Golden-cheeked Warblers as part of a now 7 year population study conducted near Austin, Texas.

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