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Elizabeth Painter


Contact Information
Address: California



Profession or Area of Expertise

Plant ecologist (Ph.D.); research; plant/herbivore interactions, rare plant conservation biology, floristics: currently Research Associate at University of California

Personal Statement

I have graduate degrees in both botany and range science from Colorado State University. Before affiliating with University of California, I was a research associate (Departments of Biology, Range Ecosystem Science, Forestry) and part-time instructor (Department of Biology) at Colorado State. I have done research on the impacts of large native herbivores on native plants and am interested in how these differ from the impacts of alien herbivores (domestic and feral). I've advised a number of conservation groups on public lands grazing issues and reviewed NEPA documents for them. I've also been an expert witness in livestock-grazing-related legal cases involving national parks. I have also been doing floristics and rare plantwork on military installations.I strongly believe the best way to improve ecological conditions of publiclands used as rangeland is to manage them using best available science.

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