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Bruce Pendery


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Address: Utah



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I have a B.S. in wildlife biology and an M.S. in range science. I worked for a number of years with public lands agencies (Bureau of Land Management, Colorado Division of Wildlife, USDA Agricultural Research Service) but decided to move away from the science and management end of things to the legal and policy end of things a few years ago. I now practice law in Logan, Utah where I practice as much environmental and natural resources law as possible but the economic reality of living in a small town means that much of what I do is "general practice." My personal view of livestock grazing is that it needs to be modified and modified greatly for the health and wellbeing of western public lands. That ideally means ending grazing more often than not, but given the difficulty of cracking that nut, I can accept lesser steps so long as they lead to some actual on the ground improvements.

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