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Jim Powers


Contact Information
Address: Arizona



Profession or Area of Expertise

Retired internal auditor turned grazing activist

Personal Statement

I have been a public lands grazing activist for almost 10 years. Currently, I focus on Forest Service grazing issues in northern Arizona: Prescott NF, Kaibab NF, and Coconino NF. I have put together two successful grazing workshops, one at Arizona State University (1996), and one at Northern Arizona University (1997). Currently, I am an affected interest party in an Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund lawsuit against the Prescott National Forest on the issue of grazing suitability as defined in 36 CFR 219. In addition, I recently won an appeal against a Prescott NF Decision Notice to issue a term grazing permit. The Decision Notice was withdrawn. I appealed on the basis that domestic livestock grazing had desecrated wildlife habitats. I was able to show that 30 wildlife species were adversely affected by improper livestock grazing management. WILDLIFE HABITAT IS ALMOST ALWAYS NEGELECTED OR OVERLOOKED when conducting the Environmental Analysis under NEPA. The NFMA states that wildlife habitat capability must be addressed. Although, I am not a wildlife biologist, I believe that with additional research livestock grazing can be significantly reduced or eliminated if the grazing's impact on wildlife is more closely considered.

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