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Jonathan Proctor


Contact Information
Address: Montana


Predator Project

Profession or Area of Expertise

Prairie Dog Ecosystem Campaign Coordinator, Predator Project

Personal Statement

B.A., Geography, Wittenberg University, 1990; M.S., Environmental Studies, University of Montana, 1998. My thesis involved GIS mapping of suitable prairie dog habitat in the northern Great Plains shortgrass prairie. I joined Predator Project in 1997 as the coordinator of the prairie dog ecosystem campaign, the goal of which is to restore prairie dogs to 10% of suitable habitat on public lands [see The Predator Project Home Page]. The black-tailed prairie dog now occupies less than 1% of its historic area, yet widescale poisoning continues on our public lands for the "perceived" benefit to livestock grazing. Meanwhile, several species associated with prairie dogs continue to be imperiled. Some of my current projects include: continuing to map suitable habitat across eastern Montana and western North Dakota, giving prairie dog ecosystem slide shows across the region, documenting acres of prairie dogs poisoned on public lands, monitoring prairie dog management policies, and working to increase the level of protection for the prairie dog ecosystem on public lands currently undergoing plan revisions as well as through a petition to list the black-tailed prairie dog as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.

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