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Tom Ribe


Contact Information
Address: New Mexico


Great Southwest Adventures

Profession or Area of Expertise

Vice President of Great Southwest Adventures, biologist, public land policy activist, writer.

Personal Statement

I have been working on public land issues for more than 25 years with particular interest in preservation of plants and wildlife. I have an MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon, a Graduate Certificate and BS in Journalism and Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz. I have worked for the US Forest Service in Idaho, the National Park Service at Sequoia, Yosemite and Bandelier National Monument and the California State Parks as well as the US Department of Energy. Today I have my own outdoor tour company in Santa Fe New Mexico which is very successful.

Livestock production on public land is a primary interest of mine and my fiancee Monique Schoustra. For both of us ending public land grazing programs as soon as possible is our higest priority and we spend most of our free time working on this goal with others. This is an issue of social as well as environmental justice. After more than 200 years of tyrany by livestock producers, its time to reclaim our public lands for wildlife, plant life and watersheds.


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