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This page last updated February 08, 2009

Greg Schneider

Contact Information
Address: California


Profession or Area of Expertise

Electrical Engineering Consultant (Master's in Electrical Engineering)

Personal Statement

Professional Background: 

President of ServoTools (
Electronics Engineering Consultant since 1985 

Environmental Pursuits: 

He is Founding Director of the Friends of Sycamore Valley. FSV was founded in 1998 to bring a greater public awareness to the negative impacts of commercial cattle grazing in the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

He has performed several years of field research on the impacts of cattle grazing and written several reports on the damage that has occurred in the EBRPD parks. 

He is Founding Director of the Citizens for Safer Parks. CSP was founded as an offshoot of FSV. Research done by FSV uncovered the fact that numerous injuries have been occurring in open space parks as a direct result of "free-roaming" cattle. CSP is actively lobbying local and federal legislators in an effort to halt the unnecessary bodily injury and deaths to members of the public that are a direct result of public agencies that allow unsupervised cattle to graze in areas of public access. 

He has been a member of the Regional Parks Association ( Board of Directors since November 2002. The RPA started out as the Regional Parks Natural History Association, an unincorporated association which was organized November 25, 1947. Many of the individuals who formed this organization were very well-respected in the environmental community (visit the website for an interesting look at the organization's history). On September 12, 1949 the founders formed a non-profit corporation, which they called the Regional Parks Association. The RPA works on various environmental issues in the East Bay Region of the San Francisco Bay Area and focuses considerable effort on monitoring EBRPD-related issues.

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