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Billy Stern

Contact Information
Address: New Mexico
Phone: 505-988-7448


Profession or Area of Expertise

Chair, Sierra Club National Grazing Committee

Personal Statement

I never intended to get involved in the issue of public land grazing, but after I took on one project studying the issue during grad school, I became fascinated with it. One thing led to another and I found myself studying the history, politics and laws of the allotment system. Then, after reading an essay by Bill Kittredge on grazing fees, the importance of "permit value" crystallized for me and I knew I had the topic for my Masters Thesis.

That work aims to tie together the dynamic history, politics and economics of the public land grazing issue. Thankfully, Larry Walker had agreed to put the work up on this website, but feel free to contact me with questions, or to get a MS Word or WordPerfect copy of its text.


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