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Regina Thunderhawk


Contact Information
Address: Nebraska & South Dakota



Profession or Area of Expertise

Applied Anthropology/Restoration Ecology

Personal Statement

I am an older native student in anthropology/restoration ecology Nebraska...via South Dakota. I am currently in the preliminary stages of designing a project which will address overgrazing and related land damage on plains indian reservations. I hope to establish a working team with a variety of people in an attempt to assess and reduce the over grazing, and the reintroduction of native species of grasses and wildlife in an effort to reduce soil loss, erosion, and imbalances in the wildlife populations as they currently stand. A segment of this plan would include encouraging the tribes to engage in these issues from a more community based proactive stance, with less reliance on remote and cumbersome outside entities. The plan is to develop a method with them for educating their communities about the possibilities which exist for working on restoring the land systems. Engaging the communities in reclaiming more physical environmental control over their own land base, a large portion of which is leased out for grazing to people who have little personal understanding or investment in the issues related to protecting the long term viability of tribal lands. As an outgrowth of the process, I would like work towards developing a sustainable land use system which would allow for conservation and recovery, as well as some planned productivity of the lands. This might allow for a greater, more immediate, and less damaging return on the use of the lands , in terms of support via that productivity, to the people on the reservations.

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