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The Memo that was previously posted here, along with associated materials, has been removed from this web site in response to a threat of litigation by Partnership for the West. Their demand is posted below by way of a "retraction".

To Whom It May Concern:

Your website somehow obtained an internal memorandum intended only for members of the Partnership for the West. The memo is listed on your site here:

This memorandum was written as a confidential communication for our members only. You did not seek nor were provided permission to distribute this memo in any manner, shape or form. We insist that you take this memo off of your website and destroy any paper or electronic copies of it. Failure to do so immediately will cause us to seek legal remedies against your organization.

Jim Sims
Executive Vice President
Partnership For The West
350 Indiana Street, Suite 230
Golden, CO 80401
tel: 303-278-4666
fax: 720-554-7976
mobile: 303-332-8259