Monthly Sage-Grouse Conference Call

Thursday, March 4, 2004

11:00 Mountain Time


1.  Next monthly call: April 1, 2004 @ 11:00 Mountain  - no foolin   

2.  Other Agenda additions:

3)  Interagency Executive Committee Update            Dwight/ Jim Kenna & Julie Moore

4) Mapping IM Update                                                                                     Julie Moore

5)  Sage-grouse Distribution in North America publication                                            Cal


6)  Interim Management Guidelines Update                                                             Julie Moore


7)  Joint BLM/ FS Planning Data Call Update                                                 Megan Kram


8)  Other Meetings of Interest                                                                                     Cal


            North American Update:                                                                                   

                        a. Who’s attending?

                        b.  State/ BLM Sage-grouse meetings with Director (ID, WA, MT)

                        c. Partners Meeting


            National FWBSSS Program Meeting – postponed


            Western Agencies Sage and Sharp-tailed grouse Committee Workshop