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This page last updated February 08, 2009


Extreme Pleasures of East Bay Regional Cow Parks

by Greg Schneider, March 2001

This one page pictorial will be distributed during Earth Day 2001 activities. It is intended to depict the true conditions of East Bay Regional Parks that are grazed by cattle. The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) continues to turn a blind eye to the damage in Bay Area parks, while allowing cattle ranchers to run their businesses on public land. This destruction cannot be allowed to continue.

Please forward this information to anyone you know who is concerned about saving our parks from complete destruction by cattle ranchers and the EBRPD. The Sycamore Valley Open Space in Danville has now been grazed for 2 years. Ned Wood of Lafayette (through a lease with the EBRPD) has allowed his cattle to graze with virtually no supervision and they have completely stripped this park of its natural identity. The degradation is cumulative and continues to degrade further each year.

Perhaps the only way we can stop this is to let people know what the real state of our parks are and that special interests are destroying the land that EBRPD is supposed to be protecting for us. Habitats of threatened and endangered species are being destroyed.