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This page last updated February 08, 2009

Obscene Dead Predator Display
Page 4

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c20a.jpg (114471 bytes) c21a.jpg (111137 bytes) c35a.jpg (72253 bytes)  cs01a.jpg (126668 bytes)
Note the hillside terracing in the background from abusive grazing. A few scattered remnants of native perennial bunchgrasses remain on the slopes.


c31.jpg (91266 bytes) c32a.jpg (108478 bytes) c34a.jpg (94880 bytes)
Note the severe gully erosion in the first two pictures, rill erosion below the juniper tree in the last picture.


c36a.jpg (115631 bytes) c37a.jpg (122860 bytes)
Note that the severe grazing by sheep is holding back the yellow starthistle (gray weed with yellow flowers), but at what price to native plants and soil stability?

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