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Sample RangeNet Invitation 
This page last updated February 08, 2009


This sample is provided for illustration purposes only. The actual invitation that is sent out may vary from this sample.


You have been nominated for RangeNet membership by

A special project of Western Watershed's Project, Inc. (a non-profit 501(c)(3) membership corporation), RangeNet is a network of individuals who are working to improve the ecological conditions of America's public rangelands. Rangeland condition is the perpetual step-child of environmental organizations and management agencies alike. While no other use impacts as many acres of western public lands as frequently as grazing by domestic livestock, those impacts often go unnoticed by the untrained eye. The damage is often as subtle as it is pervasive and devastating to indigenous organisms, soil properties, and hydrologic functions. Other higher profile items such as forests, riparian, wilderness, and so forth end up dominating environmental and management agendas while range condition seldom shares the spotlight long enough to accomplish needed reforms. RangeNet was founded to mitigate that situation by improving communication and providing a focal point where individuals may work more effectively on rangeland condition issues in support of their existing organizational affiliations.

Membership in RangeNet is by nomination and invitation. Any member of RangeNet may nominate any individuals they believe should be invited to join.  Nominated individuals who accept the invitation that is then emailed from RangeNet's webmaster (1) are added to the RangeNet Directory which is available to the public on the RangeNet web site, (2) may publish their photograph, contact information, web links, a personal statement and other information in their own Personal Page and Folder in the RangeNet Directory, (3) may initiate RangeNet projects, and (4) will be invited to subscribe to RangeNet's email discussion lists which provide "individual email", "daily digest", and "web only" mail delivery options. There is no charge for joining RangeNet.

You are encouraged to review the RangeNet web site at before deciding to accept this invitation to become a member. While at the RangeNet web site, visit the "Directory" and check out a few of the personal pages/folders of members by clicking on members' names.

If you accept this invitation, the information that you provide will be posted to the RangeNet web site. This information will be readily available to the public via the internet as anonymity would detract from the purpose of RangeNet.

To accept this invitation to join RangeNet, email a reply to this email and provide the following information:

     State (province & country if not USA):
     Occupation or Field of Expertise:
     Primary Email Address:
     Any additional contact information that you want posted for availability to the public
     Web Links (name and web address)
     Personal Statement or Biographical Sketch
     Title and web address of anything on the web "By and About" you that you want included
     Any photographs you would like included in your "Photo Gallery"

Any of the above information that you provide will be an exception to the privacy portion of Western Watersheds Project's "Terms and Conditions of Use, and User Privacy at WWP" (see to the extent that, by publishing it on the web, it is readily available to the public. If you provide additional articles, papers, photographs, or other materials for posting in your RangeNet member's folder that you want excepted from WWP's "fair use" provisions for non-commercial, non-profit use of copyrighted material; please indicate this at the time that you submit the materials, along with how you want the copyright notice to read.

Thank you,

Larry Walker
RangeNet Webmaster