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BLM Grazing Statistics
1947 - 2000

compiled by: Larry Walker
June 2001

A report prepared for Idaho Watersheds Project, Inc.

This report updates and expands the "unpublished" BLM report Authorized Grazing Within Grazing Districts: 1947 - 1993 (Larry Walker, Oregon State Office, Bureau of Land Management, August 1995).

It presents a history of grazing on BLM lands Within Grazing Districts (administered under Section 3 of the Taylor Grazing Act) for the period 1947 through 2000, and on BLM lands Outside of Grazing Districts (administered under Section 15 of the Taylor Grazing Act) for the period 1979 through 2000. These are the entire periods of record that were available for these two classes of grazing use in the source documents, Public Land Statistics (published annually) and its predecessors for the period 1947 through 2000.

The data was transcribed directly from the source documents with the following provisions:

  • "Operators or Permits/Leases". While not identical, numbers of operators and numbers of permits/leases are similar. Variation in published reports made it impossible to use just operators or just permits/leases for the entire period of record.
  • There were a few instances where it was very obvious that the published numbers were a gross reporting error. Estimates were used in these situations and are shaded in the tables. Estimates were derived by averaging the previous reporting year with the following reporting year.
  • "Permitted AUMs" were listed as "Preference AUMs" prior to 1999, and "Preference AUMs" were not directly reported before 1985. For the period of 1962 through 1984, "Preference AUMs" were estimated by adding published figures for authorized non-use to the published figures for total authorized use.
  • Where data is presented by state, it is presented by "administrative" state. Some states administer BLM lands that are physically located in other states.
  • No warranty is made by the author,, or Western Watersheds Project, Inc. as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of these data for individual use or aggregate use with other data.