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This page last updated February 08, 2009

Insider Trading

Insider Trading is an area to share "insider information" about public rangelands. It provides a reference library of links to policies, databases, and other tools and information that may be useful to activists and managers alike.

Tip: This page is organized strictly by the order in which links were posted to it (newest to oldest). Use your browser's "find in page" utility to search for key words or phrases.

Note that the date shown is the date the item was posted on this page.












Ongoing: re. Revision of BLM Grazing Regulations





11/30/06     The report is in: Cattle are the biggest source of global warming, producing more greenhouse gases than cars!

































1/15/05 - some images and posters:




  • Endangered Species Early Warning. Extensive Endangered Species databases, Clean Water Act data and information, more. Center for Environmental Education and Information.



















  • USGS SAGEMAP: Database for Sage Grouse and Shrubsteppe Management in the Intermountain West





























  • Description of Fallacies (Ed. comment: aka Federal Land misUse Planning Manual for Constructing Illogical Conclusions)











  • Internet Archive WayBackMachine: This group is attempting to archive everything on the web. It is a good place to look for those broken links caused by discontinued, extinct, or moved pages and web sites.















  • FOIAdvocates. A very good resource on how to make Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, including examples of requests and appeals.





  • BLM Technical References on Riparian Area Management and Monitoring (online in PDF format)

  • Soil And Health Library. "This is a free public library of holistic agriculture, holistic health, self-sufficient living, and personal development. It offers you the opportunity to read accurately rendered, unabridged texts of carefully-selected older books whose importance and contemporary relevance has not diminished. Most books in this library are out of print and can be hard to find; many are old enough to be public domain."






10/22/00.....CITIZEN ACCESS TO PUBLIC RECORDS. An online lay handbook for using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) with web links to government FOIA pages.

10/1/00.....2000 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

8/3/00.....USGS topographic maps down to 1:24,000 for the entire United States online

7/20/00.....PLANTS Database, USDA, NRCS.

6/5/00.....Supplemental Information on Protest and Appeal Procedures, BLM Information Bulletin No. OR-2000-160

5/26/00.....Biological Soil Crusts
4/22/00.....Journal of Range Management: - 1948-1994 (complete papers) - 1995-Present (abstracts only)
12/24/99.....Eco-Portal Full Text Searches of Reviewed Environmental Internet Content

12/24/99.....Biological Opinion for Southwest Region U.S. Forest Service: Ongoing Livestock Grazing Activities on Allotments, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 1999

12/24/99.....Threatened and Endangered Fishes of New Mexico, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, 1999

12/12/99.....Grazing Lands Index of Maps, Facts, & Figures (RangeBiome Note: The information provided at this link is from the National Resources Conservation Service's 1992 National Resource Inventory. It primarilly reflects non-federal ownership)

12/12/99.....Bureau of Land Management Rangeland Management Program, Utah State Office, Bureau of Land Management. (RangeBiome Note: This website gives a good overview of BLM's Rangeland Management Program.)

12/12/99.....Rangeland Water Quality Fact Sheets, University of California at Davis, Center for Range and Forested Ecosystems. (A RangeBiome Note: These fact sheets are well written and do not require a degree to be understood. Email distribution of new fact sheets as they are made available can be subscribed to at the website.)

10/10/99.....Some Desertification References:

10/6/99....."How Not to be Cowed" Livestock Grazing on Public Lands: An Owner's Manual
10/6/99....."Participating in Livestock Grazing Decisions on the National Forests: A Citizen Handbook"
9/12/99....."Public Rangelands Improvement Act" as amended and supplemented as of 1/26/98. Title 43 U.S. Code, Chapter 37.
9/12/99....."Federal Land Policy and Management Act" as amended and supplemented as of 1/26/98. Title 43 U.S. Code, Chapter 35.
9/12/99....."Taylor Grazing Act" as amended and supplemented as of 1/26/98. Title 43 U.S. Code, Chapter 8A, Subchapter I, Section 315.
9/12/99.....BLM Grazing Regulations (Oct. 1, 1998) Note: For some reason the links in this index to some of the sections of the Oct. 1, 1998 grazing regulations were "broken" when RangeBiome posted this link. However, the entire CFR Part that makes up the grazing regulations can be viewed or printed by: (1) go to this link (2) enter "part 4100" without the quotes as the search terms (3) click "Submit", and then (4) scrool down to "[1998] 43CFR4100-- Subpart 4100--Grazing Administration--Exclusive of Alaska; General" and select the desired format (TXT or PDF) for viewing and printing.
9/8/99.....The Taxpayer's Guide to Subsidized Ranching in the Southwest
9/2/99.....BIODIVERSITY and CONSERVATION: The origin, nature and value of biological diversity, the threats to its continued existence, and approaches to preserving what is left. A Hypertext Book by Peter J. Bryant, School of Biological Sciences, University of California, Irvine
8/10/99.....Endangered Species: Continuing Controversy, Congressional Research Service
8/10/99.....Conserving Land Resources: The Clinton Administration Initiatives and Legislative Action, Congressional Research Service
8/10/99.....PILT (Payments in Lieu of Taxes): Somewhat Simplified, Congressional Research Service
8/6/99.....Yellowstone Wolf Report Page
7/14/99.....Current Status of FY2000 Appropriations Bills
7/14/99.....Snake River Spring Chinook Will Be Extinct In 18 Years
6/25/99.....Status and Trends of the Nation's Biological Resources, USGS, 1999
6/25/99.....Our Living Resources: A Report to the Nation on the Distribution, Abundance, and Health of U.S. Plants, Animals, and Ecosystems. U.S. Department of the Interior National Biological Service
6/24/99.....Survey of livestock influences on stream and riparian ecosystems in the western United States. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 1999
6/6/99.....General Accounting Office (GAO) Reports About the Forest Service
6/6/99.....WOLF SAFE HAVEN PLAN Creating A Safe Haven for Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery
5/6/99.....Activist Workshop Materials On The Administrative Appeals Process. Utah Environmental Congress
4/28/99.....Soil Biological Communities
4/28/99.....Requirement for Use of the Compliance Module of the Grazing Authorization and Billing System (GABS). BLM Instruction Memorandum 98-138
4/28/99.....Healthy Rangeland Initiative: Implementation of Standards and Guidelines. BLM Instruction Memorandum No. 98-91.
4/11/99.....The 1999 Grazing Fee, Surcharge Rates, and Penalty for Unauthorized Grazing Use. BLM IM No. 99-162
3/9/99.....Environmental Activist Support Documents. Legal background and other information for appeals and lawsuits. Under Construction.
3/5/99.....Online Grazing Bibliography, Southwest Center for Biodiversity
2/3/99.....Livestock Grazing Bibliography: Forest Guardians' searchable database
1/25/99.....Habitat Conservation Plans: A License for Fish and Wildlife Extinction
12/3/98.....1997 Livestock Grazing Oversight Hearing, U.S. House of Representatives, April 8, 1997.
10/14/98.....Petition for the Department of Interior to initiate rulemaking to establish procedural and substantive standards to govern the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) determinations of those areas of BLM land that are "chiefly valuable for grazing and raising forage crops" as required by the Taylor Grazing Act.
10/14/98.....Five Factors Required to List a Threatened Species by the Endangered Species Act
10/14/98.....Elwha River Restoration Project
10/11/98.....Federal Investment in Natural Resources and the Environment: A background paper on recent trends in federal spending.
9/24/98.....Betrayal of an Endangered Species: Status and Management of the Southwestern willow flycatcher. Southwest Center for Biological Diversity. May 26, 1998
9/24/98.....Protection and Conservation of Southwest Native Trout
9/24/98.....Primer on Public Land Acronyms
9/24/98.....Riders on the Storm: Environmental Assaults in FY 1999 Budget Legislation
9/24/98.....Regulatory Reform: New Version of S. 981 Poses Even Greater Threat to the Environment than the Original
9/24/98.....Reclaiming Our Heritage: What we need to do to Preserve America's National Parks
9/24/98.....Leap of Faith: Southern California's Experiment in Natural Community Conservation Planning
9/24/98.....Grazing Bill Favors Livestock Industry: H.R. 2493, the "Forage Improvement Act" of 1997
9/11/98.....Pollution Paralysis: State Inaction Puts Waters at Risk
9/11/98.....Saving Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs and Their Grassland Habitat
9/11/98.....Bringing Buffalo Back: Comments needed now!
9/11/98.....Why Worry About "Habitat Conservation Plans?" -and- 21 Things to Know About "Habitat Conservation Plans": That exempt the timber industry (and others) from protecting and recovering Endangered Species
9/11/98.....Could Mad-Cow Disease Happen Here?
9/6/98.....Beyond the National Parks:  An online photographic sampler of lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management
9/6/98.....Emergency Listing of Jarbidge Population of Bull Trout.  BLM Instruction Memorandum No. ID-98-094
9/6/98.....Bulltrout Consultation and Suspension of Activities. BLM Instruction Memorandum No. ID-98-092
9/6/98.....Revised Guidelines for Management of Domestic Sheep and Goats in Native Wild Sheep Habitats. BLM Information Bulletin No. ID-98-265
9/6/98.....Utah State/Federal Land Exchange Information
9/4/98....Mixed Ruling on BLM's 1995 Grazing Regulations from U.S. Court of Appeals
8/10/98.....The Great Republican "Environmental" P.R. Campaign: A report by Congressman George Miller and the Democratic Staff of the House Committee on Resources. August 6, 1998
8/9/98.....The Price of Extinction: Political Contributions and the Attack on the Endangered Species Act. PIRG. April 1998
7/31/98.....Plan B: The Buffalo's Alternative
7/27/98..... USPS Publication 417, Nonprofit Standard Mail Eligibility: Nonprofit and Other Organizations
7/27/98.....IRS Publication 557, Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization
http version    ----   
 pdf version
7/25/98.....The 1998 Dirty Dozen
7/25/98.....E-mail the Editors! Letters to the editors can be an important avenue for making your point, an outlet for bottled up rage, or the funniest part of the newspaper. Here are E-mail addresses for some of our favorite papers -- just click and send.
7/23/98.....Federal Appeals Court NonPoint Source Decision (water quality): Overturns decision requiring state water quality licensing of grazing on Forest Service lands in Oregon.
7/20/98.....Survey Shows Public Strongly Opposes Anti-environmental Tactics by Congress: 7 of 10 Americans Would Back Veto of Bills Relaxing Environmental Regulations

Riders & Other Amendments That Are Pending

7/20/98.....Higher Ground: A Report On Voluntary Property Buyouts In The Nation's Floodplains
7/20/98.....Number and Percent of Livestock Producers in 16 Western States With Forest Service and BLM Permits
7/20/98.....Livestock Numbers on the Southwestern National Forests in the 20th Century
7/16/98.....Theodore Roosevelt: President, Rough Rider, Conservationist
7/16/98.....Wildlife Line Art (Black-and-White) Drawings
7/16/98.....Headwaters Draft Habitat Conservation Plan/Sustained Yield Plan online
7/2/98.....Final Report - Water in the West: The Challenge for the Next Century. Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission. 1998. - Other WWPRAC Reports
7/2/98.....Insects may be answer to ridding West of weeds.
7/2/98.....Tackling tamarisk: Is the exotic shrub an ecological menace or merely the best our degraded rivers can muster.
6/12/98.....EPA's National Water Quality Report
6/12/98.....New Mexico Wilderness Areas: Maps and Stats.
6/10/98.....Fires of '88: focusing on the Great Yellowstone Fires of '88 and Yellowstone's rebirth since the fires.
6/9/98.....Increased Water Yield and Forest Health Criteria in Watershed Restoration Projects - Re: California Proposition 204
6/5/98.....Limiting Factors and Recovery Options for Anadromous Fish Stocks in Idaho: Idaho Fish and Game Commission Policy Statement. May 8, 1998
6/5/98.....Complete text of Federal Magistrate Janice M. Stewart's ruling re: Oregon northern coastal Coho
6/5/98.....Report and recommendation of Magistrate Judge Raymond Terlizzi regarding the southwest FS riparian grazing case settlement between Forest Guardians and the Forest Service, and the Temporary Restraining Order sought by the NM Cattle Growers' Association.
5/31/98.....Pronghorn Area of Critical Environmental Concern: Justification for Nomination
5/31/98.....Federal Land Management: Public lands are put to some surprising uses.
5/31/98.....Why we need Public Lands: Nature lovers aren't the only ones to benefit from public lands.
5/31/98.....Southwestern National Forests - Allotment and Vegetation Management Summaries
5/31/98.....Forest Guardians Notice of Intent to Sue Regarding the Water Compacts
5/29/98.....CalFlora Database: geographic and ecological distribution information for 8363 California vascular plant taxa online.
5/29/98.....Supreme Court Decision RE: Wayne National Forest
5/29/98.....The Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project continues to add products to the spatial data that is available online. Many maps are available as GIFs and downloadable pagesize (8.5X11) postscript files. Most are accessed from the What's New - Spatial Data Page, while there is a separate page for maps from the Component Assessment.
5/13/98.....Brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Area: a National Academy of Sciences report
5/13/98.....1998 United States Population Data Sheet
5/8/98.....An Assessment of Mule and Black-tailed Deer Habitats and Populations in California: With Special emphasis on Public Lands Administered by the Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service
5/7/98.....The Soil Foodweb: It's Importance in Ecosystem Health, by Elaine Ingham - related references
5/7/98.....Restoring the Lower Snake River: Saving Snake River Salmon and Saving Money
5/7/98.....Local Control: The Pitfalls and Promisses for Environmental Protection
4/22/98.....BLM's Public Lands Statistics 1997 is now available online.
4/22/98.....Temporary Nonuse, RE: 1998 Grazing Year. BLM Instruction Memorandum No. WY-98-44
4/22/98.....Status of FGDC's Framework Base Data in Wyoming. BLM Information Bulletin No. WY-98-070
4/22/98.....Transmittal of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Regarding Animal Damage Control (ADC) Between the BLM and the Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA). BLM Information Bulletin No. WY-98-65
4/22/98.....Montana Rangeland Monitoring Program. BLM Information Bulletin No. MT-98-078
4/22/98.....Quarterly EIS Status and Progress Report (April 1998). BLM Information Bulletin No. MT-98-073
4/22/98.....Clean Water Action Plan and Idaho Water Quality Standards. BLM Information Bulletin No. ID-98-143
4/22/98.....Customer Satisfaction Survey Results. BLM Information Bulletin No. ID-98-137
4/22/98.....Proposal to List the Cowhead Lake Tui Chub as an Endangered Species Under the Endangered Species Act. BLM Instruction Memorandum No. CA-98-082
4/22/98.....Rangeland Health Management. BLM Instruction Memorandum No. CA-98-080
4/22/98.....Listing of the Peninsular Ranges Population of Desert Bighorn Sheep as an Endangered Species. BLM Instruction Memorandum No. CA-98-078
4/22/98.....Healthy Rangeland Initiative: Implementation of Standards and Guidelines. BLM Instruction Memorandum No. 98-91
4/22/98.....Oregon BLM's Grazing Standards and Guidelines now online
4/8/98.....Grazing Fees and Rangeland Management: Updated February 20, 1998. Congressional Research Service.
4/8/98.....Endangered Species Act Ammendments: An Analysis of S. 1180 and H.R. 2351. Congressional Research Service.
4/8/98.....Environmental Protection Legislation in the 105th Congress. Congressional Research Service.
3/19/98.....The 1998 Grazing Fee, Surcharge Rates, and Penalty for Unauthorized Grazing Use. BLM IM No. 98-63. (Editor's note: If it were not for the $1.35 per AUM minimum fee provision kicking into effect (again), the fee calculated by the Public Rangelands Improvement Act's formula would be only $0.97 per AUM compared with 1997's private land lease rates ranging from $6.50 per AUM in Arizona to $18.80 per AUM in Nebraska. This is not a blatant subsidy?)
3/19/98.....Utah BLM Initiates "Environmental Notification Bulletin Board". This is a searchable database with a search engine that works. For example: a search for "range" projects with any kind of action during March 1998 yielded four projects. An EA was compled and a FONSI signed for "Cainville Wash Fence and Cattleguard", an EA was started for "Coaly Reservoir", and 30-day comment periods were initiated for "Second Patch Well Extension" and 12A Pipeline". Utah BLM rates kudos for this page.
3/19/98.....New Mexico Species List - Biota Information System of New Mexico (BISON-M)
3/19/98.....Brown-headed Cowbirds: From Buffalo birds to modern scourge
3/19/98.....Little Grouse on the Prairie - Reversing the Decline of Lesser Prairie Chickens
3/8/98.....State Endangered Species Acts: 1998 Legislative Session. A new service/database from Defenders of wildlife.
3/8/98.....Restoring the Marsh: Pesticides and Pollution on the Klamath Wildlife Refuge
2/28/98.....A Pictorial 29 Day Hike Through Rangelands and Forests of the Northern Rockies Bioregion.
2/28/98.....Forest Service's Wildland Fire Assessment System provides realtime maps, data, and other information related to fire weather. Also useful for other applications such as soil and vegetation moisture. Includes archives.
2/28/98.....Forest Service's Fire Effects Information System is an online database of fire effects on plants, animals, and ecosystems. Also includes lots of info on species taxonomy, physiology, and other good stuff.
2/28/98.....New Mexico BLM "Resource Management Plan Conformance and National Environmental Policy Act Adequacy Determination Reports" available for eight Resource Management Plans.
2/28/98.....BLM's "1997 Annual Report" Now Online
2/22/98.....Stream Side Photo Gallery. Photos of grazed and ungrazed streams in the southwest. New Mexico & Arizona (
2/21/98.....Guidance on Implementation of Standards and Guidelines (BLM IM #WY-98-31): Wyoming BLM provides interim guidance on implementation of Standards and Guidelines for grazing.
2/21/98.....Implementation of Land Exchange Approval Processes (BLM IM #Mt-98-018)
2/21/98.....New Federal Government Per Diem Rates
2/21/98.....Extension of Veterans Preference for Gulf War and Bosnia Service (BLM IM #ID-98-047)
2/21/98.....Wilderness Mapping Project (BLM IM #CA-98-046): California BLM progress and guidance on mapping the 69 wilderness areas designated through the 1994 California Desert Protection Act.
2/16/98.....Public Rewards From Public Lands 1997. A new BLM online report with a wealth of maps, profiles, and summary statistics at both national and state-by-state levels.
2/16/98.....Interactive Map of Endangered Species
2/16/98.....Idaho Watersheds Project's Legal Document Archive
2/16/98.....Forest Guardians Index and Summary of Significant Grazing Litigation
2/4/98.....Taking From the Taxpayer: Public Subsidies for Natural Resource Development
2/2/98.....Yellowstone Wolf Timeline
2/2/98.....The City Slicker's Guide to Welfare Ranching in New Mexico
1/7/98.....Montana BLM Riparian Inventory and Functioning Condition Data Base Online
12/31/97.....American Environmental History Bibliography
12/31/97.....Bring Back the Buffalo!
12/31/97.....The Beyond Beef Campaign: Environmental Devastation
12/31/97.....An Eye for an Eye: Killing Wildlife for Revenge
12/12/97.....New Mexico BLM Distributes Resource Advisory Council (RAC) Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Recommendations
12/12/97.....Arizona BLM's Direction on "Conservation Measures for Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl, Kearney's Blue Star, and Pima Pineapple Cactus"
11/28/97.....U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Directives Online
11/18/97.....Endangered Species List, a National Wildlife Federation database now online
11/18/97.....Survey of Grazing Programs in Western States, 1996, a Congressional Research Service Report
11/18/97.....Cows, Condos & Conundrums
11/11/97.....Forest Service Recreation Fee Demonstration Areas/Sites/Projects -- Overview
11/11/97.....BLM's Idaho State Office Issues Instructions on Field Solicitor's Review of Freedom of Information Act Responses
11/11/97.....BLM's Eastern States Office Clarifies Procedures for Public Electronic Input on Information Requests
11/2/97.....Management Problems in "Non Profits" and Activist Organizations
10/22/97.....Nevada BLM Develops Rangeland Management Database
10/22/97.....Department of the Interior Email Directory
10/22/97.....Department of the Interior Telephone Books -- Another Version -- and Another
10/22/97.....Bureau of Land Management Policy on EmployeeUse of the Internet -- Idaho's Supplement
10/22/97.....Negotiating With the Feds
10/19/97.....Questions Answered On-line by NRDC's Experts
10/8/97.....EPA's First National Picture of Watershed Health: "Index of Watershed Indicators"
10/1/97.....Endangered Species Act, Endangered Species Recovery Act, Endangered Natural Heritage Act, and more.
9/30/97.....Key Elements For Ecological Planning: Management Principles, Recommendations, and Guidelines for Federal Lands East of the Cascade Crest in Oregon and Washington. This report was submitted to the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project by the Science Working Group of the Columbia River Bioregion Campaign.  While the report is two years old, it still addresses many valid principles that are not adequately addressed in the Eastside and Upper Columbia River Basin Draft Environmental Impact Statements that are currently under public review. Good background material.
9/27/97.....Who's Greenest?
9/27/97.....Hold Nothing Back. You don't need a fortune to defend your favorite places -- just paper, a pen, and a passion for the wild.
9/19/97.....Habitat Conservation Plans. National Wildlife Federation database includes HCP summaries by region.
8/24/97.....Preserving Westslope Cutthroat Trout
8/24/97.....Fact Sheets from NRDC on Mining and Grazing
8/20/97.....Montana BLM Dam Failure Due to Void and Dispersive Soil
8/12/97.....Tribal Nursery for Native Plants Embraced by Elders
8/6/97.....Snake River Basin Adjudication
8/6/97.....The Great "Forest Health" Myth
7/22/97.....War on the West
7/15/97.....Does your nonprofit environmental organization need Geographic Information System (GIS) capability?  You may be able to obtain grants of training, hardware, and software through the Conservation GIS Consortium.
7/14/97.....Congressional Research Service reports on environmental issues such as Grazing Fees and Rangeland Management, Updated January 24, 1997, are available on-line at the Committee for the National Institute for the Environment web site.
7/14/97.....Former Forest Service Chief Quits SRM in Protest
7/8/97.....Pictorial Grazing Tour - Seguoia National Forest
7/4/97.....Largest Ecosystem Project Flawed.
7/3/97.....Steepest Declines among Grassland Birds
7/3/97.....Columbia Basin Plan Fails to Protect Bull Trout
6/21/97.....10% Not Enough natural habitat to prevent extinction.
6/17/97.....Ostrich Management in the Forest Service.
6/17/97.....Science on Clean Water.
6/10/97.....Can Cows Fish?
6/10/97.....Cows and the California State Fish
6/10/97.....shortcut to NRDC's Legislative Watch
6/7/97.....Shortcuts to search the Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register, or Congressional Record.
6/7/97.....The complete text of Public Land Statistics -1996 is available on BLM's homepage.  Lots of info the public frequently asks for.  How many aums, how much timber harvested, how much spent, how much paid to states, etc.
6/7/97.....shortcut to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument on BLM's homepage.  shortcut to photo gallery. shortcut to wide-view map. shortcut to close-view map.
6/6/97.....Forest Service folks.  If you were not already aware of it, Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (FSEEE) maintains a web site. Other Federal folks, Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility (PEER) also maintains a web site.